Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I wonder if our Subdivision allows this?

This weekend, we went to visit our niece Stephanie, from The Life of a Farmer's Wife.  Stephanie and her husband, Lance, just built a HUGE, GORGEOUS, BEAUTIFUL new house and had an open house for all of us to see.

There were tons of people there, and even more FOOD.


I don't know if I ever told y'all this, but I have this "thing" for finger foods.

I could totally live the rest of my life eating nothing but cheese straws, sausage balls, tiny-little ham and chicken salad sandwiches, spinach dip, and assorted sweets.

Give me a plate full of this stuff and a Coke Zero and I am set for life!

So, needless to say, I was in HEAVEN with Stephanie's HUGE spread!


The kids had a great time playing with the dogs and us adults had a blast touring the John Deere Mansion....lol!

(I won't post too many pictures because Stephanie is doing a "home" tour on her blog)

Before we headed back home, we did take one more tour.....

The Miller Farm's Chicken houses.

Jameson has decided that chicken houses are the COOLEST THINGS EVER and he's also decided that we need to build about 5 or 10 in the backyard and grow our own chickens...

Except for ONE thing....

He wants them "Not so smelly"


I wonder if our subdivision allows chicken houses in our back yard?

I'm sure our neighbors would be THRILLED!


  1. How cute and I'm with you on the finger food. I was trying to get a better look at all of it .....we are having a Super Bowl Party and I always need ideas. Love the whole John Deere theme going on.

  2. Cool !! I can't believe yall are related to Stephanie !! Small world !

  3. Why not? If deer and squirrels and possums and raccoons can roam freely, then what's wrong with a chicken house?

  4. aww sweet Jameson! and i agree with you.. finger foods are da bomb!! :D

  5. Perhaps we should all have our own bloggy finger food party! We could post pics and recipes of our faves. I happen to love finger/party foods, too! :)
    We had chickens and you can tell Jameson that unfortunately I never found a way to make it less smelly. But I am trying to convince the Hubster to get more chickens this spring. I love having fresh eggs! After all, they're awesome when deviled! ;)

  6. I will be HAPPY to donate a few chickens for your farm....LOL!!!

  7. great house- we have the same big dining table and I love how many chairs they added- never occured to me to add chairs on the ends and I'm so glad I saw this!!! Thanks!

  8. Finger foods, did I hear finger foods? Love em. Can't get enough of them. My family loves game days (football) when I make a big spread of just finger foods.

  9. The laws state that you can build chicken houses as long as you have the consent of anyone living less than something like 185 feet from them. Sooo...all you have to do is get everyone in your neighborhood to agree to it! Oh, and what a wonderful picture of myself. Looks like I'm saying "Thank you God for this box of instant Cheesecake!" haha.

  10. Very nice house! And I am totally with you on the finger food!!!

  11. I agree with you I'm a finger food freak!!!!!! Love them, the house looks great I'll have to check out her tour.
    You should bring Jameson over to see Daddy's chickens he has a very small chicken house and just has them for eggs!Uhummy! He also has 2 goats and there are horses,cows and 2 pigs!Love, Susan

  12. Hey Robin- you have an award over on my blog ;-) Come check it out!!

  13. Well, all I did was come over here to check out your mistreatments {from the Nester} and of course I saw those sweet kids and had to click on Chelsea's story. A bucket of tears and a box of Kleenex later, I am so blessed to have read your journey. It makes me want to grab my babies and never let go. Only God can bring beauty from ashes, redemption out of tragedy. Thank you for sharing your story!


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