Saturday, January 30, 2010

So worth the wait!

Hubby and I have been stalking a cute little number for the past several weeks.

Knowing when we first saw her, the timing was just not right.

So, we hid her, and hoped nobody else would find her while we patiently waited for the right time.

Every couple of weeks, we would stop by, finding her, making sure she was still there.....just waiting for us.

Then yesterday, during a spur-of-the-moment trip, I went to check on her.....


The time was right!

Come to MAMA!

Just look at these legs...

Her bottom...

Her sides.....


She's just missing ONE little thing.....

But I think THAT little problem can be fixed pretty quickly!

We initially thought we would paint it, but now that it is in the house, it matches our dining room furniture perfectly!

What do you think? Paint or leave "As Is"?


  1. Wow I can't believe you scored such a great table for such a great price. I think I need to start visiting TJ Maxx more often!

  2. I vote leave as is for now. You can always paint it later if you want. What's going in the middle?
    Linda B.

  3. GET OUT!!! What a deal!! It's a great piece too!! I think it depends on where you're putting it- it would look great either way!

  4. Linda, I think we are going to either just have a piece of glass cut or put just a tile in it for now.

    Jenny, it's probably going in the living room between our two chairs.

  5. She's beautiful just like she is. Don't you dare paint her.

  6. Oh no don't paint's too pretty just like it is. She just needs a piece of beveled glass or tile or granite or something. What a great score! You go girl!!!!!

  7. What a GREAT deal!!!! I like it wood stained as it is now, but you can always paint it later if you choose. Just remember it's hard to switch it back to stained wood once the paint is on. Congrats on your awesome find!!!

  8. Beautiful table and very funny story! Congratulations on your great find. I think it's great they way you 'hid' her till the time was right!

  9. I think it is perfect as is.
    Susan Brewer

  10. Fantastic! :) Lucky you. And she's just gorgeous!

  11. Oh I love it as is, but what ever you do will be beautiful I am sure. What a great find. Hugs, Marty

  12. Ok, First...this is me screaming (I know you can totally picture that)!!!!!! What a deal!!!!! Unbelievable deal. I love it as is.

  13. That is an awesome deal! How in the heck did you hide that?! I like it the way it is.

  14. Stacey, we kind of "slid" it under another table, hoping that nobody else would look at at....but as we were walking off, a lady went right up to it, pulled it out and looked for a second before she walked away. When I found it yesterday, it was sitting right out in the open....I freaked because it was right out there for everyone to see....until I saw that price tag! :o)

  15. well you little bargain shopper you! i love it!! i love the detail.. so i think i would enjoy her as is.. for now! if you're anything like me.. you'll paint it soon enough, when you're ready for a change! who doesn't LOVE a presto-chango?!
    :D really.. great purchase girlie! xoxo

  16. What a deal! I was wondering how you hid that. I think it's beautiful as is. I just can't believe what you paid for this, what a steal. Kathy


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