Sunday, February 7, 2010

More opinions, please.

OK, since I am in an opinion asking mood, I thought I would show something else to see if I can get some help.

Remember my awful, ugly, way the heck off center deer head dilemma from a month-or-so ago?

How does it look now?

What else should I add to the top to make it more balanced....IF that's even possible?

I thought about adding a lamp or something....but wasn't really sure if I wanted to actually highlight the deer head.

Oh, and you want to see what I am storing in this beauty?


After I am finished sorting through everything, I will actually have a dining room table again!



  1. i like the look of the balancing of the hat boxes.. they just need to be a bit higher and just a little larger, to give you the scale you need to be happy with it. :)

  2. Decorating around a deer head? Hmmmm....I think you should jewel up the deer with big chunky long necklaces and clip some earrings on that puppy. A sweet dressy hat. Make the deer look like he's going to church.

    Something tall on the right side of the deer on top of the cabinet, like a flower arrangement or plant to add some height. The boxes are great and they can be your third element in that grouping. Do you have thick ribbon you can glue around the base and top of the boxes to add color, maybe pull in the color from the drapes?

    I can't wait to see the finished product. I think you should post this question on the decorating board and you'll probably get lots of good ideas.

    Robin, you are the only one I know that can have a deer head and make it look good in a room :)

  3. I think the deer head looks good, but please don't tell my husband I said that. Do you have a pretty picture that you could put on an ezzell in place of the hat boxes. Or maybe you could add the picture to the boxes as a grouping.
    I guess yoru hubby knew what he was doing after all when he hung the deer off center... Who would have thought to hang it off center. I think it adds interest to the area.

  4. LOL Monica, it's so off center because that's where the stud was. I was SO upset when I walked around the corner and saw it. At least right now it's not SO bad.

  5. You have a beautiful family....I like the deer head....I would balance with something a little taller on the right side? Something long and you have a photograph of wildlife......tree or natural habitat? Mat. 5:16 Lu

  6. I vote for picture or plant to balance it all out. You are making me want to go out and do some shopping and redecorating!

  7. Oooo, I guess I missed the last deer head post- wow!! Well, it does look better now- good actually ;-) Way to go with a tough deco challenge! I must say that I LOVE the cupboard- fabulous! And it takes all the emphasis OFF the deer head ;-)

  8. I love that cabinet and how great to have such a pretty place to store your craft supplies. The deer head doesn't look off-center now. Keep your eyes open for something a little taller to go on top with the hat boxes. I'm thinking of a branch with faux apples and then hot glue an apple on the deer's mouth!! LOL! Don't tell your husband I said that! laurie

  9. I think it looks great now - the only suggestion I had was maybe some sort of natural tall grass in a cool vase for a little volume on the right side (facing)? I do love the cabinet, very sleek!

  10. We have deer heads in our family too - particularly my brother - and it doesn't end with deer heads. It's like the natural museum of history!

    I think you've got pretty good balance now. If you add anything else - maybe some sticks for him to peer through - just joking. Something strong like the hat boxes - not to fussy or small. Stick with a nature theme. The right lamp might work.


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