Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pardon my absence...

I am working on a few projects for Valentine's Day....

And I completely forgot that MY Valentine's Day cards needed to be done by tomorrow (Wednesday).

(You know, since that will be my last day at work before Valentine's Day.)\

So, here I am at 11:17 p.m., just finishing my cards and goody bags.

Nothing like a little procrastination to get the creative juices flowing.


  1. Those are GORGEOUS!! Great job girl! Now I feel like a total LOSER buying Phineas and Ferb valentines at Dollar General...LOL!!!!

  2. how adorable girlie!

  3. Robin these are so cute....you are so creative!

  4. Very pretty Robin! They are so cute.

    We got a Valentine's writing reprieve since schools have been closed all week and the parties postponed.

  5. How cute! You have been so crafty lately!

  6. WOW! You are quite the woman- I'm very impressed!!!!!


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