Thursday, February 18, 2010

Splurging "Slacker" Style!

Over the past year-and-a-half, I have LOVED browsing around all of your blogs, getting a little sneak-peek into your beautifully decorated homes.

I will admit to all of you, I have often been very jealous of some of your gorgeous things. 

Your furniture, your art, your curtains, your decor, your DISHES!

AHHHHH, your beautiful tablescapes have been almost enough to send me over the edge!

Well, recently I had the opportunity to do a little "splurging" and I knew the one thing I really wanted was new everyday dishware.

We've had the same set of Corelle since we got married in 1988.

Yes, I know these are "countryfied", but you have to remember, I got these back in 1988....the decade of country blue, mauve, and ducks!

I know that Corelle is often seen as the K-Mart of dishware, but I will tell you, my Corelle has served me VERY WELL.

If a plate can survive me accidentally slinging it across the kitchen floor, it's a pretty durable product!

What started out as a complete 16 place setting, has slowly dwindled down over the past 22 years.

We do have 13 large plates left (two of the three missing have been broken since we moved into this house...darn tile floors)...

10 bowls....

and ONE small saucer...


As for the cups, I have no idea where they are.  I think they were still in the old house, so that means there are ZERO of those left.

(Oh, and the bowls and saucers were not broken....they have just slowly disappeared over the years.)

Hubby knew I really wanted to "upgrade" our dishware, so when the opportunity arose, he said "go for it"!

I initially wanted a gorgeous red, paisley set that I had seen somewhere online several months ago.

Well, the only place I could find it was on E-bay for around $70.00 for four place settings. 

NOPE!  Ain't gonna happen!

So, I continued to look around.

We finally found a unique black-and -white swirl pattern and had decided to get these, however, they were around $60.00 for four place settings.
Not a lot of money as "nice" dinnerware goes, but still pretty expensive around these parts!

I was getting ready to order the black-and-white swirl set, and then something caught my eye....

Hmmmm, I've not been a fan of that particular "blue" color for my house, but I have been drawn to that color in most of my favorite "blog" rooms, and the brown is a perfect match for my dining room.

Then I noticed the price....

$19.99 for a four place setting!


I quickly placed my order and started my wait for delivery.

Well, today they came! 

I was a little nervous about how they would actually look when they came.  I'm not a huge fan of ordering things that I will use on a daily basis Online.

I like to be able to see and touch things before I buy them.

Well, when I pulled it out of the shipping box, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that these particular dishes are in the "PRO" line, which are supposed to be 30% stronger than the basic line.

I pulled them out of the box and here they are....

GORGEOUS!  They are SO MUCH nicer than I thought they would be!

View of the design "Carousel"....notice the little heart on the top right?

New and old plates side-by-side:

Old and new bowls side-by-side:

The bowls have a thin brown edge that is difficult to see in these pictures.

Look at the difference in the size of the saucers!

I am so thrilled with my purchase!

I am also thrilled that I decided to buy FOUR sets....hehehe....

As soon as I finish washing my new beauties, I think I will be donating my old Corelle to my Mother-in-law who just so happens to have the exact same pattern....

But I think I will keep one piece each just for old-time's sake...

You never know when you may need to accidentally sling a plate across the kitchen!


  1. Oh Robin, I love the pattern and the colors! What a great find. Now please don't accidentally throw one of these babies. But maybe since they are stronger, they won't break. I just hope the bowls and saucers don't go hiding again. Kathy

  2. love them! you did really good...enjoy them everyday...stop by, great give away on my blog..

    love, Silvia

  3. While I do love the red one that you found, the one that you chose is also fabulous!! It's always fun to replace the "little" things that we don't really care to spend money on, but that we use every day!! I have a TON of Fiestaware for our everyday, and I like it cuz of all the colors and different things you can do with it, but I would love a printed set as well ;-) Great job!

  4. Oh, those are perfect! I love the colors...congrats and have fun using them!


    don't you love opening the cabinets and looking at them???

  5. I love the brown and blue together, and so glad you found the perfect dishes. Beautiful.

  6. Thanks Everyone! goal is to have your book mailed to you by the weekend! So sorry it has taken me so long!!! Please forgive me!

  7. Robin, I LOVE them, they are so pretty, you did really well picking them out, and what a deal! I will try to remake you an apron that matches them, if i can find some pretty fabric!

  8. Nooooooo, don't go to any trouble!!!!! Just send what you have!!!

  9. Robin:

    I love them....having fun dishes always makes me smile! I can never gp shopping without checking out the kitchen weakness....


  10. Those were my 2nd choice! I picked a grey/blue damask instead. We too had the same corelle for over 20 years and when we moved a year ago I went to Dillard's and picked out a GORGEOUS French Country set. LOVED IT! Everyone else? not so much....... So I ordered more Corelle and packed away my pretties :( DH refuses to use anything else.

    Can't beat their durability tho.

  11. Terri, I saw those grey damask one's when I first started looking and when I went back to get them they were gone! GORGEOUS!


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