Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Who is THIS kid and what did you do with my son?

Well, for any of y'all who have been around ASM for a while, you know that sometimes my son can be a little bit of a pistol.

He is constantly getting into things and has been known to get in trouble at school a time or two...

or a hundred.

As a matter of fact, in all of the weeks he was in school last semester, he only went TWO whole weeks without getting into some sort of trouble....

And both of those weeks were "short weeks" too.

We have tried everything to get him to behave...

Bribes, spankings (yes, I DO spank my child), threats, time-outs, keeping him from playing with his friends, taking television and toys away, crying....

NOTHING we did helped.

Don't get me wrong, Jameson is a FANTASTIC kid.

He's funny, brilliant, happy, energetic, loving....

He just can't be still and can't keep his mouth shut!

Hmmmmm, I wonder where he gets THAT from?

Well, something VERY strange has been going on since Jameson started back to school in January.....

He's not been in trouble ONE SINGLE TIME...


His teachers have been raving about his fantastic behavior.

His guidance counselor even stopped me in car rider line and asked me what we did to turn his behavior around.

I told her the truth....


We've not done anything different.

Not one single thing.

Then today, something happened that we didn't thing would ever happen....

He was named Student of the Month!

MY SON, Student of the Month?

When I saw that, I literally started crying, as did my hubby.

Could it be that he just matured over Christmas vacation?

OR, my theory is that somebody swiped MY kid and replaced him with a well-behaved version of my kid.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers, anyone?

Oh, and he is SO getting a puppy now!


  1. A puppy? Are you sure? Do you know what you are getting into, ha ha? Way to go Jameson!

  2. This is wonderful Robin! I bet that Jameson is just as proud as can be, and I know that you and Marty and thrilled. He's such a little cutie. Congratulations to Jameson. Hugs, Kathy (but you might want to look for a pod under his bed - just kidding)

  3. That is WONDERFUL!!! :) You have every right to be very proud of that boy! Tell him WAY TO GO! :)

  4. Wow, what a thrill and such a cutie in the first place. Tell him congratulations. I know he must be so proud. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  5. Oh YAY!!!! Way to go Jameson ;-) Wish that kind of "miracle" would happen around here! And wow... a puppy!!!! We have a 1yr-old maltipoo if you're looking for donations ;-) Really, congrats- I know as a parent what a great feeling this is for you- you're doing something right!!!!

  6. LOVE IT!! YOU GO JAMESON!! He sounds ALOT like my Cameron! I realized that if Cameron likes his teachers, he tries harder in their class! So every semester, I pray for teachers that will "get" him! This has been a good year.... :) And he is 17~

    Can't wait to see puppy photos!!

    Lou Cinda

  7. I am rejoicing with you!! This is WONDERFUL!!!! You are so right - even though I've never met Jameson..I can tell that he is a GOOD boy. Just all boy..LOL I am so proud of him for getting student of the month!!

    I'll have to share this with Brody!!

  8. I could donate you some peacocks!

  9. That's a great development! Something to look forward to and hope for for this mother of a 3 year-old :)

  10. awww GREAT JOB JAMESON!!!! woo hoo Robin!!

  11. Way to go Jameson....I want to hear all about the pupy and I hope I get to be your teacher soon!!!!!
    Love Ms Beth!!

  12. YAY for Jameson and YAY for a puppy!!!


  13. Awww! How proud you must be of Jameson. Sometimes I think its the bright kids who get into trouble because their minds are always on the go looking for a new adventure.

  14. Sometimes something just magically "clicks" in their brain and suddenly they "get it" - it's called maturing and it happens to all of us. Sometimes it's gradual, but sometimes not. Good job, Jameson!! So, what kind of puppy is he wanting?

  15. All he wants is a live puppy....he doesn't care what kind. He doesn't know that he is getting one, YET. We are waiting until it gets a little warmer and a LOT drier outside. If we told him now, we would NEVER have peace in this house until we actually got the dog.


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