Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ahhhh, the little things....

I have been SOOOOO lazy lately.  

I can't seem to get ANYTHING accomplished around this house.

I did manage to get all the laundry washed, folded AND hung-up, and have manged to maintain this whole week.

And for anyone that knows me, that is a HUGE accomplishment.

But have done little else around here other than the "normal" cleaning.

I've been watching "Hoarders" trying to motivate myself to get some things done around

So, during a quick trip to Lowe's last week, I picked up a drawer organizer for my flatware in the kitchen.

(Of course, it has been sitting, unopened, on the island until today....along with 5000 other things.)

In a flurry of cleaning activity this morning, I decided to go ahead and clean out the flatware drawer.

It's so pretty (well, as pretty as a flatware drawer can look) and it looks like it was made for my drawer.


I have realized that I have WAAAAAY too many knives.  

I swear I found at least 25 steak knives, and 15 butter knives.

Who needs that many knives?

AND, where did they all come from?


Anyway, now I just have to figure out what to do with the REST of the stuff...

Does anyone have the phone number for "Hoarders"?



  1. 1-888-HELP-me, lol. You are doing just fine, that show does make a person want to clean out a drawer for sure,lol. Maybe a certain apron that may or may not be arriving in the mail soon, will bring out your inner June Cleaver>?! HA Ha

  2. I love me a clean, organized drawer.
    Gurl, you "done" good!

  3. Sue, I CAN'T WAIT!!! :o)

    ST.....THANKS! Jameson pulled it open tonight while he was getting a spoon and he said "Wow Mama, I can really find what I'm looking for in here!" LOL

  4. Knives. I have far too many knives and they are all stuffed into a drawer. The ones I actually use are in a block on the counter.

    The Hoarders show scares me--I'm not a hoarder, but I am decluttering because we downsized our home and I no longer needed all the stuff I had in 5000 sq. ft., in my new much smaller house that we don't need walkie talkies to find each other in :)

    You have made me think about this knife situation and it may be time to dump them all in a box and drop them at the Salvation Army.


  5. Here's what I do:
    I dedicate one (okay....maybe two) drawers to 'clutter' or 'junk'. Put all of those odds and ends in it instead of in the drawers that you want to be neat and tidy. Rubber bands, paper clips, coupons that need clipping, skewers, chopsticks...anything that doesn't really 'belong' in the other drawers.

    I am fortunate that the size of my kitchen allows this and I know that some people don't have the extra space for it. In that case, I would use a pretty hat box or some kind of nice container that you don't mind having around. Even an extra canister would work. :)

  6. We could use those knives. It seems like we are always out of knives and spoons. And I think that you are a far cry from Hoarders. :-)

  7. I have the opposite effect. My steak knives disappear! I think I have two! Where did they go??

    Are they lodged in someone's back in a shallow grave somewhere???


    Lou Cinda :)


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