Friday, May 14, 2010

Do we have a little artist on our hands?

Yesterday was a very special day for our little man.
Jameson had a painting chosen to be displayed at the Talladega County Schools 24th Annual Elementary Art Exhibit.

We were completely shocked when Jameson brought the invitation home on Tuesday.  

We had no idea he was such a budding artist.

His picture, along with several other student's artwork, was displayed at the Heritage Hall Museum located in Talladega.

Everyone's artwork was displayed beautifully....just like a "real" museum.

It was a fantastic experience!

Here is Jameson's chosen piece:

Jameson under his artwork:

In case you didn't know which one was his:

Here is the wall of art where Jameson's picture was placed:

Another wall of fantastic artwork:

This orgamie was made by a 5th grader at a local school:

These dolls were made by 5th graders at a local school:

Another wall of artwork:

This is a permanent fixture at the museum.  Jameson thought it was COOL!


Geeze, can't a guy just enjoy his lemonade in peace?

Jameson saying his name:

Of course, he had to go stand in the BACK where we couldn't get a good picture:

Jameson showing off his medal:

Jameson and his art teacher, Mrs. Allen:

It was HOT, HOT, HOT out there, but we were so pleased to see hundreds of parents and family members there to support their children.

We are so thankful that our schools still allow and promote art and music education in our schools, and reward the students for their hard work.

Who knows....the world's next DaVinci, Michelangelo, or Picasso could be coming from our very own school system!

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