Thursday, May 13, 2010

A little bit of this, a little bit of that.....

I have been so L-A-Z-Y this month week!

I've had ZERO motivation to get anything done around here.

Unfortunately, that has included this blog, too.

I'm ready for a change!

I've been looking around at various blogs/blog designers, trying to figure out how I want this blog to look.

I do know that all of this "cramped-up" stuff is really getting on my nerves and I hope to brighten up the place as soon as I can.

PLUS, I have to get some of my new, gorgeous pictures of the kiddos up, right?


Our new addition, Starr, is just blending right in with the family.

It's like she's always been here.

I guess I never really gave her a proper introduction.
She's 8 weeks old....actually born on St. Patrick's day....and was a free puppy that friends of ours had.

She is half Lab and half Australian Shepard.
There were two pups in the litter that were marked like an Australian Shepard....Starr being one of them and a brother being the other.  Her other brothers and sisters were either brown or black.

When we went to look at the pups, we were determined to get a male, but we couldn't resist Starr's beauty and shy personality.

Jameson named her "Starr" after a cartoon character named "Starfire".

(OK, now that I have looked at pictures of "Starfire", I think I need to be a little more observant of the cartoons he is

Jameson is in LOVE, as is Chelsea.....

And I think Marty is, too, but he would never admit!

She is super-smart, if I do say so myself.

She can literally already "fetch" and will do it for all of us.

But, like most puppies, she HATES baths!

We just gave her a bath this morning, and now she is TICKED at us.

But that's OK....gotta do what we can to keep the critters off of her!


Speaking of new additions, we have a couple of other one's around here as well....

Meet my son, Jameson.

This was my Mother's Day present from him....

A life-sized drawing of himself!

It is so cute and has so much detail....especially for a first grader.

He was so proud of his work AND he was able to keep it a surprise until Mother's Day morning.

Another one of his drawings he did in school is being displayed in a local museum through the month of June.  We have no idea what the drawing is yet, but they are having a reception for all the students and their families this evening, so I guess we will see his masterpiece then.


And the next little edition in this place is my Mother's-Day-present-to-myself:

(I still have the plastic on the

Yes, it's a PC, not a Mac.

I really, really want a Mac, but I just can't afford the one I want right now.

My old PC, which is really Chelsea's PC that I hijacked from her, is on it's last leg and I just couldn't wait another year (or more) to save up enough to get a Mac.

SO, I saw this beauty and couldn't believe the options it had and it's price, and decided to grab it.

It's been so much fun playing with all the bells and whistles!  I seem to find something new every day.

It even has a webcam that you can record with and do all sorts of funny effects with, so I am planning on maybe doing a vlog post or two in the near future.  

(If I can actually remember to do one while I actually have make-up on and my hair


A few months ago, I entered a contest over at my buddy, Sue's blog  "Our Really Empty Nest" and I actually WON!

The prize was a really, really precious apron that Sue made herself.

I was super-excited that I won and I was even MORE excited when I got my package....

Not only did she send me the original apron, but made one for Chelsea that matches my new plates!

(Jameson was like "Can I take this dress off now?")

They are SO CUTE.....maybe a little TOO cute, because I can't bring myself to actually wear them when I am cooking....

I don't want to mess them up! LOL

Oh, and if you live anywhere near the Lawrenceburg, Indiana area, Sue and her hubby have just opened a SUPER-COOL indoor bow shooting range!

Lots of inexpensive family fun for all!

I SO WISH we had something like that around here....

Say Sue, if things go well for y'all in Indiana, maybe you can open a franchise around here.  LOL!


Oh, and for those of you who have been keeping up with the "fireplace" saga.....

Still nothing new since my last post.

First, Hubby had been working massive overtime.  He's been going in at 6:00 in the morning, and not getting home until around 11:00 at night.

Then he had a horrible upper respiratory infection, along with a bad case of poison oak.

THEN, because of all the extra work, his carpel tunnel (in both arms) has gone into full-fledged active mode.  His arms have become so bad in the last week, he's actually out of work until something can be done.  

Fortunately, he's already seen a specialist and has the nerve-conduction studies scheduled for Monday.

Pray that he has a speedy and complete recovery!


Well, I guess that catches me up for now.

I hope you have a wonderful and fantastic week!

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