Monday, June 21, 2010

Pretty in Pink!

Saturday was Chelsea's 18th Birthday party.

Thanks for all of your fantastic suggestions that helped to make her party a success!

We were insanely busy trying to get everything ready, and to be honest, I literally ran out of time.

So, I ended up not using half of the things I had planned on, and wasn't able to make several dishes that I had planned either.

But, to tell the truth, not a soul noticed except for me.

The party was beautiful and "grown-up".....

And Chelsea loved everything about it.

And that's all that matters!

These first three pictures are from Friday, her actual birthday.

An now, on to the main event!

Candy Bar anyone?

Again, thank you so much for all of your suggestions! 

It is REALLY appreciated!


  1. What a beautiful party for a beautiful girl! I love the pink and black. Your dining room project came out great, love it! Chelsea is just beaming, what a wonderful day for her. Hugs, Kat

  2. aww.. so awesome!!! Chels must have been over the moon! :) great job Mom!!!!!!

  3. What a pretty party! I know she must have been ecstatic! Loved the must be her favorite color!

  4. I think the party looks just beautiful! Chelsea must have felt very special! The paper flowers look great and I like the Oreos with the pink too.

  5. HOJ that was me. That's our bookstore blog account.

  6. Pink is definitely her favorite color! I was SO TICKLED about how the oreos turned out! They were so easy to make and they were the perfect, white and hot pink! From now on, those will definitely be included in any party I do!

  7. What an awesome party! The details look wonderful. A very special day for a very special lady.


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