Thursday, June 17, 2010

You know you live a boring life when you get this excited...

Over a washing machine and dryer!

Hubby surprised me yesterday with a huge purchase....

A new washing machine and dryer.

He said that he heard me say that he never surprises me, so he thought he would...

And BOY was I ever surprised!


We've wanted a new set for the past couple of years, especially when our old washing machine decided not to spin anymore.

Every single time we would wash clothes, we had to go and manually start the drum spinning.

Because it wasn't working well, we often had to spin each load at least 4 or 5 times.....

And then the clothes would still take at least two dryer cycles to dry.

Then, in the past few weeks, the dryer has been overheating about 5 minutes into the cycle, causing it to stop.

Doing laundry has been extremely frustrating, to say the least.

We wanted a front loading washer and dryer for a few reasons....

It is energy efficient.

It uses much less water.

AND, it's much easier to get the clothes in and out....

Which is good because I don't like to


I was even more surprised when they delivered AND installed them early this morning!

 (They're  here!)

It took a while to get them all hooked up (there is a USB cable that connects the two, so the dryer "knows" how wet the clothes are, therefore lets us know how long the drying time will be).

(Well hello, beautiful!)

(Hubby making sure there are no leaks)

So far, we have washed AND dried two loads of clothes and are washing a third load...

The first load washed and dried in 1 hr and 39 minutes.
(And I am a little embarrassed to say we sat in the laundry room and watched it wash the first load of

The second load washed and dried in 1 hr and 30 minutes!

The washing time is consistently around an hour, and the drying time is between 30 and 40 minutes.

Really? 30 to 40 minutes to DRY towels?  jeans?

I've never had a dryer that finished BEFORE the washing machine!

I have a feeling we are going to save enough money on our monthly power bill to pay for the washer and dryer!

Does anyone else get this excited about laundry?


  1. What a wonderful surprise! Marty really is a thoughtful sweetheart, isn't he?

  2. I definitely get the excitement. A new washer and dryer was our first married purchase... so nice! And, those are beautiful!

  3. AWESOME for YOU!!! :) I'm so happy for you! And yes, I get excited about such things. ;)

  4. Oh if my husband surprised me with a new set or pretty much anything that I don't have to worry about how it's going to be paid for then I get excited but that doesn't happen much around really doesn't happen at all. If we got a new washer and dryer we would probably watch it wash the first load too. Enjoy your new toys.
    P.S. I have heard that you need to leave the washer door propped open from time to time to prevent mold and milldew. Not sure if this is true but I wanted to let you know.

  5. No, I don't get excited about laundry, but I would if I had spiffy new machines like yours! :-)

  6. How awesome! I have been drooling over the front loaders every time we go to the BX here! Maybe someday.... *sigh* Enjoy watching, I mean, washing your clothes ;)

  7. I love my washer and dryer. My dryer does a load of sheets in 15 minutes!

  8. Like you, I am one of "those women" who actually enjoy being gifted with something that "plugs in". What a great gift!
    I'm happy for you and they are
    a beautiful pair!! LOL

  9. i am SOOOOOOOOO GREEN with envy right now!!! i want front loaders so badly!!!! but, i am incredibly HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!! enjoy.. you deserve it!!!! :D

  10. Oh yeah we get excited! I would love to see that truck pull in my driveway! Is an hour long for a wash cycle? I don't think mine is nearly that long. Maybe you can get more clothes in one load?

  11. oh, they're so pretty! congrats (and good for your husband). we love our front loaders. and yes! total dorks here – we watched our first loads too!


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