Monday, August 16, 2010

I am so frustrated!

Anybody remember this beautiful framed canvas that I got a couple months ago?

Well, I've been dying to hang it up, but wanted to make sure it was in the exactly where we wanted it.  After some trial and error, we finally decided to hang it up in the dining room because the colors worked so well with the chocolate brown of the walls.  I dreaded making holes in the wall, so I was pleasantly surprised to find a blogger who had basically hung every picture, plaque, towel hook, everything she could think of with Command hooks.  She swore on their versatility, reliability and ease of use.  Not really wanting to put holes in the walls, I thought this would be a perfect solution.  The framed canvas is not heavy at all (no glass), so I just knew it would work great. 

On my next trip to the store, I found these:

And on the corner, it says that it can be used for pictures up to 16 x 20:

Perfect for the framed canvas!

I followed the directions on the back of the pack EXACTLY, and even held the strips longer than directed...just to make sure it was secure.  The frame went up easily and looked great.  We were thrilled!  Every time we would walk by the dining room, we would look at it and smile!

Well, a couple hours later, we heard a huge "CRASH".  I jumped up, thinking it was Marty, who was working on a ladder in the kitchen. Marty jumped off the ladder and was running towards the living room, thinking it was me who caused the ruckus.  When we both realized it wasn't either one of us, we immediately went into the dining room...and YUP, there it was:

I guess I should be thankful that's all the damage the frame had, but man, I am so irritated!  Now I have to fix the frame, touch up the paint and THEN put holes in the walls.

Decorating can be SO frustrating sometimes!
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