Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I feel like I should be in JAIL...

for shoplifting from Hobby Lobby!

I was shopping for some trim in the clearance bin at Hobby Lobby, and came across a partial bolt of the same gorgeous brown trim that's on my "mistreated" curtains:

Most of the bolts in the bin were marked something like "$25.99" or "35.99"....waaaaaay too expensive for me.  But, I picked it up and looked at the price and I was in shock!

Does that say $4.92????

Since "each" was beside the price, I just assumed it meant that it was $4.92 for each of the 5 remaining yards....which was a whopping 7 cents cheaper than the original price.  But as I looked through the bin, all of the trim was marked the same.  So, I took the bolt to the person working in the fabric section and she said the price marked was the total price.

For Reals?

$4.92 for 5 yards of this gorgeous trim?

I didn't believe her, so I went and asked somebody else.  They were as shocked as I was, but they said that it was the total price, too!  I quickly shoved the bolt into my buggy and ran for the checkout!  When I got there, I just happened to get one of the "old timers" as my cashier.  (I say "old timer" meaning one of the original employees who has worked there since the store opened several years ago....not as in age).  I thought "Just great, she's going to think I'm trying to scam the store and make me pay $4.92 per yard."  But she didn't!  She just rang it up and put it in my bag.

I paid and grabbed my bag and ran out of the store.

Now I'm scared that the police are coming to get me and take me to jail for shoplifting!

I don't think I will look good in stripes.....
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