Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day means you "labor" right?

At least that's the memo hubby and I got this long weekend!

It was a GORGEOUS weekend for us here in Alabama!  Cooler temperatures, lower humidity, crystal clear, blue skies.....just a touch of Fall in the air!

**AHHHH**  I wish this weather would last forever!

But it's not.....it's supposed to get hot and humid again this week.


Anyway, because it was so beautiful, hubby and I managed to get a few things accomplished this weekend.

First, I decided to tackle Jameson's closet on Friday while he was at school.


THESE are all the clothes I pulled out to give to my nephew for his boys:

I also managed to clean out everything from UNDER his bed, which was a very, very scary thing.  All of his toys are sorted, so now he just has to sort his Legos into kits and decide which Transfomers he is going to get rid of.  I told him that if he kept getting new toys without getting rid of some of his old toys, his room would explode.

I hope he believes me.

Hubby is loving this cooler weather, so Saturday he tackled the yard.  We don't have much grass, but the woods behind our house keeps trying to reclaim our yard, so he took care of that!  He spent 7 hours in the yard Saturday.  It looks so good!  It will look even better when the whole yard has grass and has some landscaping....LOL!

Today, he tackled our back porch.  It's really small, but will flow nicely once we actually get a deck on the back of the house.  Marty used the back porch as his work area when he was putting the rock up on the fireplace.  Needless to say, there was mortar and rock dust EVERYWHERE!  It looked HORRIBLE!  I had to make a quick run to Wal-Mart, and when I got home, he had already started....but as these next pictures show, he had a long way to go...

After a few hours of hard labor:

Nice and clean!!  We thought we would try the chairs here and see if it made any difference to the "flow" of the porch.  We can't wait to try it out!

He also cleaned up the front porch, but all it needed was a rinse with the water hose.

While he finished up outside, I was working on the invitations for my friend's baby shower that I posted here.

The invitations were ready to go, but the envelopes just looked so plain, so I added a little decoration to them:

I pray they stay on as they make their way through the canceling machine at the Post Office!  LOL

Now that Labor Day is almost over, the real "Labor" soon begins.  It's called the "Day-after-a-holiday-mad-rush-at-the-doctor's-office" day.  UGH!

I hope you all have a wonderful and restful week!

***Duhhhh, I had this scheduled to post this morning, and it saved it as "draft" instead.....GRRRRR***
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