Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Only Political Post You Will Ever See Me Write....


Well, my Mama always taught me that it wasn't proper to discuss politics or religion, and I've pretty much always tried to live up to that.  Don't get me wrong, I do discuss religion, but generally not in a setting where arguments would break out.

Because if anything, I RUN from conflict!

I never discuss politics online.  Not on Facebook, not on Twitter, and generally not even among my in-real-life friends.  I do have very strong beliefs when it comes to politics, but I choose not to share those opinions with others, because I've found that political conversations generally never end well.

  I've been voting since I turned 18, and was thrilled when Chelsea registered to vote this year after her birthday. 
So, this my friends, will probably be one of the few political posts I will ever do.

This is the main thing I hate about politics.....

You see ALLLLL these flyers?  This is what accumulated in my mailbox after FOUR days!  These are only my local/regional elections, too!  What a waste of ink and paper!

I decided to sit down and read through most of these, and I was shocked at the majority of them.  Most of them didn't say anything about the good qualities of their particular candidate.....Most of the fliers did nothing but state the supposed bad qualities of the other candidate.

Let me expand on this for a moment....any of you that have been reading here for a while know I love the movie and play "Legally Blonde".  I've watched the movie over and over again.  One of my favorite scenes of the movie occurs right after the character Elle, meets with her client, Brooke, in jail.  Brooke is in jail charged with the murder of her husband.  Brooke tells Elle there was no way she murdered her husband because at the time he was murdered, she was in the hospital having liposuction.

Simple, air-tight alibi, right?

Wrong!  Brooke has made her fortune as a world-renowned fitness instructor.  If word leaked out that she achieved her perfect body surgically, instead of through her fitness program, her reputation would be ruined.  She makes Elle swear not to reveal her alibi and even states "I would rather go to jail, than to have my reputation ruined."

Elle comes back to the firm that is representing Brooke and lets them know she has her alibi, but will not reveal it because of her promise.  One of Elle's colleagues comes up to her and says "Elle, if you don't give up Brooke's alibi, we can't win this case".  To which Elle replies "Well, we aren't very good lawyers then, are we?"

Exactly!  If Brooke was truly innocent, then a good lawyer should be able to still prove her innocence, even without an alibi!


Which brings me to now. 

In my opinion, if the only way you can try to win an election is by making the other guy look bad, then you must not be a very good politician.

Out of that giant stack on my table, only one candidate's fliers had nothing negative to say about the other candidate.

That's the person I want working for me!

(Of course, I realize on the state and national level, there is mud-slinging in every single ad out there)
Have a fantastic week and don't forget to vote on Tuesday!!

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