Monday, November 8, 2010

Mama's Mumblings

I've really been in a wiped-out mood for the past several days, so I thought today would be a great day to do another installment of Mama's Mumblings!


I've had a lot on my mind over the past week.  Some bad, but the majority of it has been good!

I got to spend a little quality time loving on this precious bundle of joy...

I have been totally amazed at how well Mallory's mama has been doing.  Two days after delivery, and she looked like nothing ever happened...except for this adorable baby girl now living at her house.  I got very emotional on Thursday after seeing how much daddy was just totally and completely in love with his new baby girl.  I couldn't even talk about it without tearing up.  I am beyond thrilled that everything turned out so well!


I went to my nephew, Langdon's birthday party Friday night, and was thrilled to death to see that my niece, Jennifer, who lives in Atlanta, got to come and brought her new little bundle of joy, Lucas....

(Isn't this the most adorable face you've ever seen?)

And big brother, Patrick!

(also sporting an incredibly adorable look!)

This is the first time I've seen Lucas since he was born in August.  He came at 34 weeks and had to spend some time in the NICU, but is doing fantastic now!  Their dad, Adam, and I are almost the same age and spent a lot of time together while growing up.  To see his little boys, who looks so much like him, brings back such great memories.  I am so glad they came!


I accomplished a HUGE task in the house....

I got my dining room table cleaned off!  I still have several projects I'm working on, but just couldn't take the mess any longer.  I can't think straight in all that clutter, so it had to go!  I did manage to finish a couple of things that I had been working on forever, so it did feel good to get those things completed.

Now I have to figure out how to decorate the table for Thanksgiving, without spending much money.  Any suggestions would be appreciated!


I've spent a lot of time watching kid's movies this weekend.

It started when I bought Toy Story 3...

I teared up in the movie theater when I watched it....but it was even WORSE when I watched it this weekend.  From now on, I'm going to just skip the ending.

Next, we watched these two movies.....

Thankfully, no tears in these two movies!

If these weren't enough, after Church we went to the theater and saw this....

I went in not expecting much, but LOVED it!  It was really cute and has a rockin' soundtrack!  We will definitely be buying this one when it comes out on DVD.  Oh, and don't waste your money on the 3-D...we saw it in 2-D and it was fantastic!

We were also thrilled to find out that two of our all-time favorite movies have sequels coming out next summer...

(All movie photos from Google Images)

We can't wait!

Wait a minute....when did kid movies become a staple for me??


We've been doing some very serious thinking and talking with Santa Clause this week.  We are finding that the older the kid's get, the more expensive their lists tend to be.  If I go missing, I'm probably still out back looking for that money tree!

(From Google Images)


I have absolutely been loving this cooler weather!  Friday, Jameson and I actually got caught in a SLEET storm!  It felt so bizarre looking at all those cars being completely covered in ice, and then realizing it's only early November. Of course, it was 80 degrees the day before, so all the sleet melted very quickly!

All this cool weather is putting me in the Christmas mood already.  We think we are going to try to put up some decorations this coming weekend.

Yes, I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet....

I'm telling ya, I've not been myself lately!  HaHa!


I'm praying the time change will make it easier for me AND Jameson get up in the mornings, but I'm not holding out too much hope!


I guess that's it for now!

I hope you all have a wonderful and fantastic week!!

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