Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jameson gave me a very special Christmas gift.....


After hubby and I made it through a whole week without any signs of the flu, we thought we were in the clear.  Boy was I wrong!
Monday, I felt absolutely fine...

Tuesday morning, I wasn't feeling so hot, but just chalked it up to workday blues and being overstressed:

By Tuesday afternoon, I knew something was going on...

And by 10:00 pm, I knew the flu bug had found it's next victim!

This morning, I thought I.WAS.DYING.

Fortunately, my wonderful, sweet hubby and little man have been taking really good care of me.

Everything I could possibly need....except for a new immune system, maybe.

I really, really, really don't have time for this!  This is the WEEK OF CHRISTMAS after all!  Not all the gifts are bought, not one gift wrapped, no cookies baked, the decorating isn't even finished.

I am so frustrated!

Anybody wanna be my personal shopper, decorator, baker for the next few days?  I promise I will pay for your Tamiflu when if you get sick!  HAHA!

I hope you are all having a better week than I am!!

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