Monday, December 20, 2010

Mama's Mumblings

Thank you all so much for your kind words and well wishes about Jameson's recent bout with the flu.  He is doing much better, except for being ill-as-a-hornet!  We aren't sure if it's the Tamiflu or the actual flu that is causing his grumpiness.  He was really upset he had to miss the Christmas festivities at school, but he has enjoyed his extra time at home.

I also want to thank everyone for your super-sweet words of encouragement.  I don't know if you realize how much all of you have helped me.  I had a ton on my plate last week/this weekend, and the stress of everything just really got to me. Too many things to do and not enough Robin to go around. 

I spent the majority of last week and this weekend trying to finish all the Christmas projects I've been working on (in between snuggle time with a sick little boy).  I ended up making 30 scrapbook paper ornaments for my co-workers, and several more for other people.  I even made an Alabama (Crimson Tide) ornament to counteract that ugly Auburn ornament I made a few weeks ago.

(Sorry for the poor phone quality picture and the appearance of my triple double chins in the background)
We also closed on our old house property on Friday.  Somebody offered to buy the property, burned house shell and all, so we couldn't refuse.  It was the end of a 22 year era.  I thought I may be a little sad, but actually, I am extremely relieved to have that chapter of our lives CLOSED.  As many happy memories we had in that place, our saddest memories also happened there.  Hopefully, new, happy memories will be made there in the future.  We wish the new owners the best of luck in whatever they decide to do with the property. 

However, one thing has been really frustrating.....

This is all the stuff that we had stored in the out building (plus a few pieces of surviving furniture from the burned house).  The buyer wanted the out building too, so all of our stuff had to be moved out.  WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH ALL THIS STUFF?

I do know that NOTHING will be done until Christmas is OVER.  I can't add one more thing to my plate this week or I will loose my mind...haha.  It will be kinda neat looking through all this old stuff though.  I need to do a running series of blog posts on "treasures" I find....if you consider circa 1980's home decor "treasures".

Well, so much more to tell, but my crazy Christmas week schedule is calling me!  I hope you all have a most wonderful and fantastic (and STRESS-FREE) week!

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