Tuesday, March 22, 2011

So, my husband got a new "toy"...

Over the past several months, my husband has been having problems with his back and neck.  He's had issues before, but usually a few chiropractic visits, and/or steroid shots later, he's been back to normal.

(Or as normal has he can be...haha)

Anyway, after multiple trips to the chiropractor and other treatments, his issues weren't getting any better.  The chiropractor ordered a MRI, and then referred him to a specialist in Birmingham.  After reviewing X-Rays and the MRI results, it was determined that Marty has arthritis in his neck, and has bone spurs on both the left and right sides.

A few treatment options were discussed, and it was decided to try a non-surgical treatment for a while, until surgery is no longer avoidable.   Marty was given his prescription, and was told that he could pick up his new "equipment" next door....

He is now the proud owner of a cervical traction device.  It is used to "stretch" the vertebrate in the neck and relieve pressure on the spinal nerves.  He is supposed to use it for 20 minutes, twice a day, or as needed for neck/back pain.

Here is Marty trying it out for the first time at home....don't you love the little "helper" in the picture?

We have passed around many, many jokes about his new toy.  He told the doctor he was going to use it several hours a day because he wants to eventually be 6'7" tall (he's 5'8" now, btw).

He can use it as much as he wants, but if he starts to look something like this....

(Photo from here)

arthritis or not, he may have to take a little break.

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