Thursday, June 2, 2011

Their Paw Jones would be so proud!

As a child, I grew up on a lake, and my dad was an avid fisherman.  He loved nothing more than going out at the end of a long day and wetting some fish hooks.  He never competed, but he definitely could have given Bill Dance a run for his money.  He said "I love it so much, if I did it for a living, I'm afraid it would make it like work."  He tried to pass his love for fishing to me, but I couldn't keep my mouth shut long enough to be successful.

Photo taken at my mom's house.

When Marty came along, my dad would take him fishing and teach him all his tricks of the trade.  Because of that, Marty loves to fish.  A few years ago, someone stole all of his fishing gear....including all of the rods/reels my dad bought for him....and he hasn't been fishing since.

This past Memorial Day, we were invited to spend some time with Marty's sister and brother-in-law, eating delicious food and fishing in their small lake.

We all had a fantastic time!

**Warning...lots of pictures ahead!**

Jameson getting his first brim (bream, bluegill) of the day.

Candie is so excited because this is the first catfish caught.

Another brim for Jameson.

Al trying to enjoy some quiet time....haha...not going to happen with my kids around!

Chelsea caught a bass!  She was so excited, as were we.  I had to call my mom and let her know that she was following in her Paw Jones' footsteps.

This is where she asked me if she could be a professional fisherman when she grows up.  God love this girl!

Another fish for Jameson.

Another fish for Chelsea.

Jameson caught this "big" catfish.  He was SO excited!

The voice in the beginning is my sister-in-law...the loud voice at the end saying "WOAAHHH" is

I love this picture because you can see Jameson yelling at us in the!

Cooling off after a long day.

I just love these kids so much!

A perfect end to a perfect day....their Paw Jones would be so proud!
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