Monday, July 11, 2011

Pinterest....STOP tempting me!

Goodness gracious, like I said in my last blog post, I think I really need a {P}intervention!  Pinterest is sucking me!  At night, when I finally go to bed (after telling myself  "Just one more page" about 50 times), I dream about all the lovely things I find on Pinterest.

Not only is Pinterest sucking all my time, and invading my dreams....

It's (potentially) affecting my bank account too!

I find project after project that "I just have to do."  I have a list a mile long of projects that I want to start RIGHT NOW!

For example:

I want to organize my bathroom cabinets like this:

From here

I want to make a headboard for our bed like this:

 From here

I tried to make this for the Fourth, but failed miserably (after spending a lot of money and even more time!)

From here

I've spent hours, unsuccessfully, trying to find these vials to make these for Christmas gifts:

From here

I'm not even going to go into all the money time I have spent on Ebay trying to find retired Stampin' Up stamps and containers to make Halloween and Christmas goodies for co-workers and classroom gifts.

And I want to close in our garage and make this massive laundry/craft/mud room:

From here

I wonder if I can convince Marty into doing that?

I did finally cave and make one project this weekend.  I saw this, and just had to see if I could make it:

From here

Such a simple, but yet wonderful display. Parent's birth date, wedding date, and then the children's birth dates.

So, I pulled up my Silhouette software and went to work.  The only hard part was deciding which font I wanted to use out of the 400 or so I  It's not perfect, but it was so simple to do!

I printed the dates on vellum and put it over dark brown, textured cardstock.  I decided to add the ribbons/rope to add a little texture to it.

Since I had three babies on the same date, I decided to add the three hearts to honor all three of them.

I hope to eventually hang this in the living room, where I actually want to use red, but for now, the dining room works well.

So friends, what Pinterest ideas have YOU been working on/drooling over?


If you still need an invite, let me know and I will send you one!
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