Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Help! I think I need a {P}intervention!

In the past, one of my favorite things to do when looking for new ideas, was to look through Google Images.  For instance, for Chelsea's Twilight birthday party, I would just Google "Twilight party ideas" under images, and see ideas pulled from all over the Internet.

I've found TONS of ideas using this method.  When I would see an idea I liked, I would save a photo to my files.  It worked great, but when I would want to find the idea to either get more information, or link back to it (like in a Blog post), it would take me FOREVER to find where the original photo came from.

Now, that's not a problem.

I've recently discovered Pinterest.


Pinterest is like Google Images on steroids!

Not only can you find examples and photos of just about anything you can imagine, on most of them, it has a link that will take you the original website.

Here are some things that I have "pinned".

Dreams for the home:

Holiday gift and decor ideas:

Free Printables: 

Cute Sayings:

Party Ideas:

I am ADDICTED!  I cannot wait to see what cute and clever things pop up next!

I think I'm going to need a {P}intervention.

Oh, and if you aren't already on Pinterest and would like an invitation to join, just send me your e-mail and I will send you an invite....that way we can ALL become addicted!  lol
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