Monday, September 26, 2011

Halloween Decorating...It's a start.

I have been planning Halloween decorations since around June, or even earlier.

That dagum Pinterest sucked me in early and has just kept me there, pinning, and planning, and buying stuff, just waiting until Fall got here so I could get my Halloween decorating on.

It was NOT going to be like years past where I've done the same thing (without Pinterest, of course), but never managed to get anything up until the week of Halloween....and then, it's just whatever I can manage to throw together in an afternoon.

Well, I didn't get 1/10th of what I wanted done, but I did manage to get a few things (almost) completed and up.  I've still got a LONG way to go, but here is what I was able to finish this weekend:
Here are the infamous mannequin legs.  My husband and I literally laughed the entire time we were working with these.  I think they turned out really cute, but still needs a little something.

I think I am going to add more moss and move the crow so it doesn't look like she's got a big, black thing coming out of her **ahem**.  The neighborhood dogs like the crow and keep grabbing it off the planter. 

Next, I worked on a few little signs for the mantle.  I designed and made all of them, except for the subway art.  I downloaded that from Pinterest (of course)

This last thing took me FOR-EVAH to finish.  I swear, if I had known it would have been such a pain in the bootie taken so long to finish, I NEVER would have done it!  I am glad that I stuck it out and finished it, but WOW, what a pain!

Since I had the whole "witch's legs" thing going on outside, I thought I would do something similar inside.  I know these aren't witch's legs, but they are witch's shoes!

Just like the rest of my ideas, I got the idea for the witch's shoes off of Pinterest.

(From Here)

So, here is my no-where-near-completed mantle.  I have every glass container I own sitting up there, just waiting to be filled.  They all won't stay there, so it won't be as cluttered as it is right now.

I hope you enjoyed the START of my Halloween decorating....


I hope you all have a wonderful and fantastic week!!

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