Friday, September 23, 2011

Welcome Home Cpl. Christopher Gerren!

I just had to share these two video clips with all of you today.

I have a really great friend, Maddie, who's daughter, Jessica, is married to a Marine, Chris, who has been stationed in Afghanistan for the past 6 1/2 months.  While he's been away, Jessica and their daughter Madison, moved to Florida to live with Chris' parents.  During this time, Jessica also gave birth to their second daughter, Remington.

Over these past 6 months, I've watched Jessica be the epitome of a military wife.  She's managed everything, including raising their little girls, and giving BIRTH, without Chris by her side. She's also moved from North Carolina, to Florida, and back to North Carolina, with their two girls by her side.  She's had the most incredible attitude throughout this entire deployment.

I've loved watching her count down the days until her husband's return.  She had so many plans, signs, and decorations just waiting for that fabulous return date.  Well, a couple of days before Chris was supposed to come home, Jessica got an e-mail saying it was going to be a few more weeks before he made it back.  She was crushed, but remained strong.

Then, yesterday something amazing happened.  Jessica was invited to The Ellen DeGeneres Show where she was surprised with a reunion with her husband!

Here are two video clips that are on Ellen's Website!

(Photo from here)

I've watched these over and over, and I cry like a baby every single time!

Welcome Home Chris!!

Thank you so much Chris and Jessica, and to all of the military men, women, and families for your sacrifices for our country!

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