Monday, October 24, 2011

It's almost Halloween at the Hill home!

With everything going on around here during the next few weeks (two weeks to be exact), along with my normal October-time sinus infection, I decided to put a few finishing touches on the front porch and call it DONE.

It's not nearly everything I wanted to do.  Given more time, less projects, and a ton more $$$, it could have been better, but I think everything turned out pretty well.
 (Sorry for the crazy shadows....I was never outside when the sun was "perfect" and these are the best photos I was able to get)

Don't you just love these bones?  This was all Jameson's handi-work.  He spent forever burying these bones to get them to look "just so".  He had a black crow in there, looking like he was pecking at the bones, but the neighborhood dogs liked it and destroyed it.

You see these super-cool apple gourds?  My friend Beth gave them to us a few weeks ago.  They look just like huge green apples, but later, turn into gourds.  They can be painted to look like anything you want.  I LOVED the green color, so I left them plain, for now.  But after only one day out in the sun, they already started to turn.  I hope to paint a few once they are dried out.

This is really cool in the dark.  It glows all different colors.

Well, there you go, my Halloween front porch!

I hope you all have a wonderful week, filled with fun Tricks and Treats!

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