Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Family Halloween Paartay!

Saturday night, we had our yearly Halloween get-together at my sister's house.  We had a fabulous time, as always!  She always goes above-and-beyond to make sure everyone had a great time!

And now, tons of pictures!

Kacie and Chelsea

My sister, Diane. She's going to kill me about this picture.  HAHA!

 Langdon (and his closed eyes), showing off his pumpkin.

 Kacie and her pumpkin.

 Jessie and her pumpkin.

 Bryson and his pumpkin.

 The back of Jameson's pumpkin.  He said "This pumpkin has eyes on the back of it's head, too!."  Then I said "It must a mommy pumpkin, then!:  HA!

 The front of Jameson's pumpkin.  He was being a smart alec with the eyes.  HAHA!

 A much better picture of Langdon.  Don't you love it that it looks like Coach Saban is looking over his shoulder?  HAHA!

 Beautiful sunset.

 Bryson came outside with me to enjoy the sunset, too!

 Proof that the men-folk were there, too.  My brother-in-law, Jerry and hubby, Marty.

 The kids and my sister, busy at work.

 My niece, Selena (and the Bama game on in the background, of course)
 My great-niece, Kacie, the poser.

 More busy work.

 My niece, Laura, and her boyfriend, Bo. (You can tell we have some work to do with him...gotta get rid of that ugly Auburn attire...haha!)

 Jameson being silly.  (Be sure to notice the ham to the left on the next couple of pictures.)

It's hayride time!

The whole gang, bundled up and ready to roll!

We all had a fantastic time and I can't wait to do it again!

I hope you all have a fantastic Fall week!


  1. "Fun" must run in your family!
    I can see why everyone was having
    such a good time.

  2. So much fun. I love it that you are so close to your family.


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