Monday, October 17, 2011

Too many irons in the fire!

Why can't I say no?

I think it's inherited.  My mother is the exact same way.  A couple of years ago, my sister even bought her a shirt that said "Stop me before I volunteer again!".


The next few weeks are going to be crazy for me.  

I'm helping with a few things for the school's Fall Festival.  Nothing huge, but helping with signs, awards, games, etc.  I definitely don't mind helping, especially since there seems to be only a handful of people (other than school staff) who have lifted a finger to help.  I really hope, for the kids, the festival is a HUGE success!  Oh, and if you are from the Munford area, ANYTHING you can do to help will be GREATLY appreciated!

Then, the weekend after the festival, I am helping with Mallory's First Birthday Party AND my nephew, Matthew's & his wife Misty's, Baby Shower.  They are both on the same day, and the exact same time, so it's really going to be an insane 24 hours!  LOL  Also, a very special niece of mine, Shelby, will be turning 20!

This weekend, I have been working on Shower and Birthday stuff.  There is so much I want/need to do for both events, I just can't seem to finish one project before moving on to the next. 

Here is the almost-finished banner I made for the shower:

I still have to string it together and add ribbon, but the hard part is done.  I don't know if you can tell, but the black letters are actually cut from glitter paper.  The letters look so cool in person.

The shower colors are black, white, and blue.  I think it's going to be really cute when everything is decorated!  I hope Misty and Matthew like it!

I've also been working on something really funny and cute for Mallory's birthday party.  We got this idea from Pinterest (of course).

From Here

When we saw this, we knew it would be perfect for Mallory's party!  I've had the best time working on these.  Seeing Mallory's precious face has had my laughing my head off!  Here is what I've done so far:

Nothing is attached so far, and I still have to add the trim, but aren't these hysterical?  I cannot wait to get these finished and hung up!

Right between the Fall Festival and the Birthday/Shower, is Halloween.  Some time during the Summer, I found these on Pinterest and just knew I had to make them:

 From Here

I loved these SO much, I ordered the test tubes and corks as soon as I found them.  They have been sitting in a box, on my dining room table, since JUNE!  I also stalked Ebay for the exact stamps used, which (of course) have been discontinued from Stampin' Up!  I found them, and got into a bidding war with someone, and probably ended up paying three times what they cost brand new.   BUT, I will make these to give to all the kid's classmates, my co-workers, and my Sunday School kids.  I've already made the tags and bought the Skittles and ribbon, I just have to put everything know, in all my spare time.  HAHA!

And since I have two kids who LOVE Halloween, I'm sure there will be several hours (and probably a few days) worth of Trick-or-Treating.  I miss the good old days when we would load up in a back of a truck, go to the middle of town, and everybody piles out and walks the entire town.  We always had the best time!  Not only did we usually end up with a pillowcase full of candy, but we also got to hang out with all our friends, and visit with all of our neighbors.  That was the life, wasn't it?

These days, we get the kids in the car, drive miles and miles, stop at one relatives house, get back in the car, drive miles and miles again, go to another relatives house....and continue until we run out of gas, or until the adults get grumpy the kids get sleepy.  The kids seem to enjoy it, but they don't know any different.

I also promised I would make some scrapbook paper Christmas ornaments to use for the Halloween Festival's silent auction. 

(Sorry it's

I haven't been able to do those yet because I am waiting on some "official" Alabama and Auburn scrapbook paper.  I don't want to break any copyright laws, so I ordered the real thing.  However, all my my Auburn papers are backordered and I don't know if they will be here before the festival.

I know everything will eventually get finished (it always does), but I'm sure there will be a lot of sleepless nights between now and then.  

I feel like I've got too many irons in the fire, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

I hope you all have a wonderful and fantastic week!


  1. Shelby is 20?! I'm so old, haha.

  2. I may have to make some ornaments like those :) So simple and I have tons of paper I can use :)

    I like that the banner for Mallory's party goes with the invitations you shared previously :)

  3. I saw a lego man water bottle on a friends Facebook page. I thought of you when I saw it. Try Googling it to see if you can find one.


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