Friday, November 18, 2011

Breaking Dawn "hangover"

We spent 12 straight hours at the movie theater yesterday, and it was totally worth it!  I loved getting to see the entire Twilight saga from the beginning to end (well, almost the end) all at one time.  The die-hard Twilight fans in the audience made the atmosphere even more special!

We got to the theater around 2:00 pm (after eating a fantastic lunch) and ended up getting home around 2:30 AM.  We were worn slap out, and fell asleep the second our heads hit the pillow.  I am thankful my Mama offered to keep Jameson, and took him to school for me this morning.  However, even after a good 6 hours of sleep, I still feel like I'm running on empty.  I think I'm too old to be staying out that late.  HAHA!

I won't give anything away (unless you e-mail me and want for all of you who haven't seen it yet, but I will say, it is the BEST of the series so far! 

Oh, and for all of you (not here, but in real life) who have laughed and made fun of me for getting so excited/involved with a silly vampire movie.....

Seeing these smiles totally made it worth it all!


  1. Coolest.Mom.EVER.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Princess and her friends saw the new movie too and LOVED it. It's really neat that so many people are enjoying these movies. You'll catch up on the sleep then will have this great memory of you, Chelsey, and this fun night!


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