Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Georgia Aquarium and The World of Coke

Last week, Jameson got to go on his first Gifted Class field trip.

We've never been on anything other than "normal" school field trips, so we didn't know what to expect.  The cost was higher than the regular field trips, but I just assumed it was because of where we were going.  We actually went out of state, to the Georgia Aquarium and The World of Coke in Atlanta.

The first thing that was definitely different was the fact we had to leave WAAAAY before school started.... 
6:16 AM, and we weren't expected to be home until around 6:00 PM.  All other field trips have to be held during normal school hours.  I don't think anybody was too happy with the early meeting time, but everybody was excited about the trip!  Not only did Jameson have several of his friends going, I was thrilled to find that several of MY friends were actually going on the trip, too.  That made things even better!

Now, lots of pictures!

 On the bus, ready to go!  This bus definitely wasn't a school bus!  The ride was smooth, the seats were super-comfy, it had a bathroom, and DVD players.  Totally worth the extra money!

 This is one of Jameson's friends, Collin.

 This is another one of Jameson's friends, Rio.

 He is ready to explore!

 Beautiful Fall day at the Georgia Aquarium!

 The World of Coke right across from the Aquarium.

 Jameson's best buddy, Colby.

 Jameson's girl friend, Gracie.

 Colby and Jameson, impatiently waiting to go in.

 Sea horses.

 Jelly fish

  Yes, Jameson has had some caffeine, why do you ask?

 I love this picture!

 Colby's step-mom, Tiffany.  I just love her to death!

 Colby and the world's largest slice of pizza!

 Jameson trying his best to eat the whole thing!


  Sharks, stingrays, and multiple other fish.  The stingrays were putting on a show!



  That's some good eating right there!

 His face looks like an old man.  HAHA!

  The kids loved this octopus most of all.




 This turtle had the weirdest face!

 Do you see the deadly snake on the tree?

 A true albino alligator.  It had pink eyes!

  Electric eels.


 Lion fish.  These poisonous fish are taking over Georgia's waterways!

 These fish were thought to be extinct!

 Shrimp...some more good eating!


 Now on to the World of Coke!

 My hero....the inventor of Coca-Cola!

 This polar bear was SO lifelike!  The face was articulated!

 In the past, workers used this machine to put the caps on the bottles of Coke.  Forget the Stairmaster, I need one of these!

 Past Olympic torches.  This was really cool!

 Miss Gracie and her mama, Nicole.

 Yup, still caffeinated! 

 This is in the "Taste It" room at the World of Coke.  Here, there are coke products from all over the world for you to sample.  The "Beverly" from Italy, right behind Jameson's left shoulder, was the worst tasting junk I've ever had in my mouth.  It burned, it tasted so bad.  LOL

 I think somebody is ready to go home!

On the bus, ready for the long ride home.

Even though it started really early, we all had a fantastic time!  I can't wait to do it again next year!


  1. You are becoming a pro with the camera, Friend. Beautiful photos of a fun day. My youngest son lives in Atlanta so I've been to the Aquarium and the World of Coke. I agree it is total fun.

  2. Awesome aquarium pictures!!

    At Epcot Center they have a Coke store and free samples of soda from around the world like the one in the picture. I have had some gross ones, too LOL. I gotta visit that place in Atlanta, though!!!!


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