Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Slacker Mama's new best friend?

A few weeks ago, I was invited to test the Bounce Dryer Bar.

This is what the Bounce Dryer Bar website has to say about it's product:

"We've raised the bar on convenience even higher with the Bounce Dryer Bar. It attaches safely to the inside of your dryer and freshens every load automatically. Wouldn't it be great if everything was that easy?"

Easy?  HELLO!  A Slacker Mama's best friend is the word EASY so I decided to try it and see!

I will admit, we are laundry snobs in this house.  I've tried using "bargain" detergents and softeners in the past, but I usually have complaints from the family about the feel or the smell of the clothes, so I was hesitant to try something new.  But after running out of my normal fabric softener, I thought I would give the Bounce Dryer Bar a shot.

Of the installation process, I think actually getting the paper off the adhesive sheet was the most difficult.  HAHA!

There she is.  After following the installation instructions, she's ready to go!

OK, lets try this puppy out!

The first load dried beautifully, and the Bounce Dryer Bar stayed stuck to the inside of the dryer.  Since the inside of my dryer has several grooves, I was concerned that it wouldn't stick as well as it needed to, but it has worked fine, so far.
Fast-forward two weeks.

After two weeks of heavy-duty laundry, including sheets, comforters, bath rugs, work jeans, and two packs of gum, this is what it looks like:

Well, she's not very pretty, but she's still working very well!  Our clothes are soft and have no static cling.  It doesn't have much of a smell though, so I guess that will be one disadvantage for our family (we are weird and like the strong smell of laundry products...haha!).  But I definitely think I will try the "Fresh Linen Scent" the next time.  I don't think it will last anywhere near three months, but I do think I can get at least 1-1/2 months out of each bar.  I do LOVE not having to hunt for the box of dryer sheets, which has usually fallen between/behind/beside the washer and dryer!  Just throw your clothes in the dryer and press start.  It couldn't get any easier!

I found out on their website, they also carry a Bounce Free version that contains no dyes or scents!

I admit that if I hadn't been given this sample, I probably would have never tried this.  BUT, since I have tried it, and I really like it, I WILL use this again!

If you have any questions, please visit Bounceeverywhere.com.


This is a BlogHer sponsored review for the Bounce Dryer Bar.  I was given one Bounce Dryer Bar kit to try.  I received no monetary compensation for this review.


  1. I never remember to put a dryer sheet in so this would be better LOL. However, in our apartment building the dryer seems to be free so I just take advantage of that to save money on electricity. Wonder if it anyone would notice of I put a bar in there?

    I used to be partial to gain because of how good it smells, but now I use Shaklee which is all natural. I keep a bottle of Gain, though, as a back up :) And hubby uses it.

  2. LOL, I love the smell of Gain, too, but my husband doesn't. LOL You could sneak a bar in the dryer...I bet nobody would care at all....LOL!


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