Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Now we are just waiting on Baby Easton!

This was an extremely busy weekend!  Not only did we have a birthday party for Miss Mallory, at the exact same time, we had a baby shower for Marty's nephew, Matthew, and his wife Misty.  They are expecting baby Easton in January!

Needless to say, there was a lot of running around between venues last week.

Marty's sisters are SO talented when it comes to parties.  They can do just about anything! This shower was no exception.

We started with a small white room, and by the time Saturday got here, it was completely transformed!

Now, tons of pictures!

(Sorry they are so out of order. Blogger was giving me fits trying to upload them!)

The adorable cake made by Marty's sister (and grandma to be), Penny.

THIS is even more adorable! A diaper TRICYCLE!  Also made by Penny.

Incredible cake made by Marty's sister, Candie.  Look out Cake have competition!

It wouldn't be a baby shower without cigars, would it?

Cake Pops.

Onesie cookies, also made by the Hill (Rosser) ladies!

The kisses had Easton's name on the bottom.

Sour Straws....they were the biggest hit of all the candy.

My crazy niece, Shelby.

I love the way they arranged the fruit using a cupcake stand!

Some of Easton's loot!

Thank goodness!  LOL

These were bacon-wrapped cheese cracker things with brown sugar.  They were SO good!

The spread with just some of the food.  I had to leave for Mallory's party before everything was out.

Oh my goodness....these hand-made cheese-it's were SO good!  Made by Penny, of course.

The proud daddy, Matthew.

Sign in table.

The beautiful mom-to-be, Misty.

This is the most hysterical picture ever.  This is Cliff, Matt's best friend.  He is such a ham, and the look on his face is priceless.  Cliff is about to get the shock of his life...his wife is expecting twins (a boy and a girl) in a few months!

They got so many nice things.  Baby Easton won't have to wear the same outfit twice during the first year!   We can't wait to meet this precious little man!

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