Monday, January 30, 2012

It was an interesting Saturday!

Saturday was supposed to be a fun-filled day with most of my immediate family.  My family of 4, my two nieces and their combined 4 kids, and my sister, had planned to go to the circus.  Marty and my sister were extremely excited to go, because neither one had ever been.  We were so excited for them!  I mean really, don't you remember how excited you were the first time you went to the circus?  

We made plans to meet at my sister's house early, go eat a late breakfast and then head to Birmingham for the circus.  Well, fate would have different plans.

Early Saturday morning, my sister was exercising on her treadmill, slipped and fell, and ended up with a dislocated shoulder.


We all felt so bad for her, but she insisted the rest of us go and have a great time without her.  We still met at her house and spent time with her before we left.  We felt awful because she was looking forward to going so much.  (She is feeling much better now, but has to see an orthopedic doctor today.)
Our breakfast was rushed and we ended up eating in the car, but we did manage to make it to our seats right as the lights went off.  The circus was excellent, as always, and everyone had a great time (except for Jameson.  He was being tortured by some bratty kids sitting right behind him with these HUGE latex balloons. Jameson hates latex balloons.  We solved this problem by moving him to a different seat.) 

Here are some pictures!


I had a longer lens on my camera and it was too long to get pictures of the kids!  UGH!  I did manage to get a couple, but they were REALLY close up!  HAHA!  I did get one of a few of us walking down the steps:

Selena (in the orange) looks really excited to be leaving!  HAHA!

We actually made it out of the parking lot and onto the Interstate without any major problems. (Thanks to my husband's knowledge of the back roads surrounding the civic center. haha)

The four of us decided to make a stop by one of our favorite burger places:

As usual, it was fantastic!

As we were pulling out of the parking lot, Marty started having a sneezing fit. (Not unusual for most of this family....dang sinuses).  Well, during one of his sneezes, he felt something and was immediately in pain.  Well, as the drive home progressed, the pain got more intense.  By the time we got home and got out of the car, he could barely walk.

So yeah, Marty either pulled a muscle or broke a rib by sneezing. (Didn't want to go to the ER....nothing to do for either other than pain meds which he didn't want).  Seriously?  Who does that?  So the rest of the weekend was spent with Marty in bed or sitting really still, trying to prevent another sneezing fit.  

So, Saturday ends with my sister's arm in a sling and Marty with a pulled muscle/broken rib, but with 6 kids with smiles on their faces.

This definitely was an interesting Saturday.
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