Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Definitely worth the wait!

Back in 2009, I bought my first piece of wall art from my friend, Kim, at Small Words Art.

I just happened to catch Kim early one morning as she was selling some of her display pieces.  I swooped in and snatched this "J" up for Jameson's room.

Not only was the painting adorable, her packaging and presentation were to die for!  Girlfriend has it going on!

From the time I received the "J", I knew I wanted to get one for Chelea's room, too.  The problem was, Kim's list was WAAAAAAY long.  So long, she closed her new orders until she was able to catch up.  Last year, Kim was finally caught up and was ready to reopen her orders for a limited time.  Fortunately, I grabbed a spot and im patiently waited for my turn.  A couple weeks ago, I finally got the e-mail that I was up next!  Talk about being SUPER excited!!

Yesterday, Marty texted me to let me know I received a very special package!  


I asked him to wait and let me open it, because I wanted to be able to see Kim's fantastic packaging undisturbed.  HAHA!

Before I even made it home, Kim sent me a message wanting to know what I thought about it.  She was stalking my FB page and wondered why I hadn't posted about it yet.   HAHA

As soon as I got home, I went straight for the box.

**happy dance**

I see a corner!!


Handwritten note!

Even her Thank You notes match!  The queen of packaging, I'm telling you!

Just look at all that detail!

And here it is in Chelsea's room.


Chelsea hasn't seen it yet, but I know she is going to FLIP!

I just wanted to thank Kim for going above and beyond to make this painting perfect for my Chelsea-Belle!  Marty and I LOVE it!  Your thoughtfulness and your friendship is greatly appreciated!!
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