Monday, February 13, 2012

Sometimes, you just have to say "Forget It!"

Hey y'all!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend.  It has been COLD, COLD, COLD around these parts!  It's the first "real" winter weather we've had this season, it seems.  I like cold weather, however, so it's been fine with me.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and as usual, I've waited until the last minute to finish all my products.  During Halloween and Christmas, I went WAAAAAY overboard and almost had a nervous breakdown trying to get everything finished.  Thanks to Pinterest, I almost made the same mistake for Valentine's Day, too.

There have been SO many absolutely adorable ideas on Pinterest.  Of course, I want to make every single stinkin' one of them!

From Here
 I've had these candy cane hearts pinned since before Christmas.  I even bought candy canes on clearance after Christmas just to make these.  I realized after I bought them that the candy canes I got were way too long to make these.  I worried myself sick trying to figure out how I could make these work.

 I know this is a Christmas bag, but I thought it would be cute to try for Valentine's Day.  I managed to get the design and the spacing correct, but just couldn't make the bags work without ink smearing everywhere.

I woke up Sunday morning, way too early, thinking about trying to make a huge batch of this.  I had part of what I needed, but still would have to make a town run to get the rest of it.

Oh my goodness.  These were SUCH A PAIN!  I bought tons of cupcake wrappers, all different shapes, sizes and colors with images of beautiful floral sucker bouquets filling my treat bags.  HA!  I worked and worked and worked on these stupid things and I just could not make them work!  The "normal" size cupcake wrappers were WAY too big.  The small wrappers were WAY too small.  They all looked like a mess!

I briefly thought about making these for Jameson's classmates, but once I realized how many pieces each robot would take, I changed my mind...quickly!


When I couldn't get the suckers to work with the cupcake wrappers, I thought about trying to make something like these.

And OH MY GOODNESS, this shows up on my page on Sunday night!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these and wish I would have seen it a week ago!  I have almost everything to make these, but I couldn't find the containers (that I just ordered a month ago).

On top of all this, my piece of junk HP printer refuses to scan anything anymore. I worked on that stupid thing for hours and it still doesn't work.

So, at some point during all of this frustration, it hit me like a bolt of lightning...

I don't HAVE to do ANY of it.


As long as my kids have their cute little Valentine's cards (that they picked out and loved), who says I have to do anything else?  When I said something to Jameson about goody bags, he said "Mama, I'm totally fine with having just one thing, really."  (I think he may be a tiny bit embarrassed with me overdoing them).

So, I decided to say "Forget it!" and just finish the kid's Valentines and the ones I'm giving out at work.  So now I am actually DONE with my Valentine's Day stuff ONE DAY EARLY...

And it feels fantastic!

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