Monday, March 19, 2012

Graduation party advice

In nine very short weeks, my baby girl will be graduating!

Chelsea is really excited and has decided she wants to have a graduation party.

And any of y'all that have been reading here for any length of time, know how much I love to (attempt) to throw a good party!  As long as I can come up with a theme, I'm good to go!

Here is where I need your help.

All of the graduation party examples I've found online are for "typical" graduates.  They have themes like "Oh, the places you'll go", "You are one smart cookie", "To a bright future", etc...  These just don't work for Chelsea's situation.

Currently, we don't have future plans for her, except for her to live a full and happy life, full of laughter and fun.  There will be no college, trade school, or corporate jobs...


Anyway, I am asking if anybody has any ideas for a super-cool graduation party?

I have found a few things that I definitely want to use:

 I love the idea of having people writing messages in a photo book!  I actually made one today, full of Chelsea's senior portraits.  I will definitely be using this idea!  
This party has a lot of really cute ideas and has a "generic" congratulations theme, too!


I think this is really cute!  I could use red licorice instead of the blue.

These precious graduation caps are a must!  Adorable!

I also thought about making the circles (like above and below her name) in her school colors, as well as a pennant banner using her school colors (red, white, and gray).

That's all I've got for right now.

We are hoping to have the deck finished enough to move the party outside, if needed, but we aren't banking on it.  So, more than likely, it will be inside.

For all my real life friends and family, when would you prefer us to do the party?  Should we try to do it that night, immediately after graduation?  Or, would it be better to wait until Saturday (which is also Memorial Day weekend) so it won't be so late?

Also, will any of our friends actually come to a graduation party?  I'd hate to go "all-out" and only 5 people show up. (I mean, I don't mind going all-out for Chelsea, I just don't want to fix enough food/drinks/treats for 40 people and nobody show up).

So, all of my wonderful, super creative blog friends out there.....what else can I do?

I hope you all have a fantastic week!

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