Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mama's Mumblings

Hey friends!  I hope you all are having a fantastic week so far! 

We are having a true "blackberry winter" around here.  Last week we were burning up and sweating, and this week, we have frost warnings.  This weather has been insane!  Fortunately for our garden, Marty has spent all of his spare time on the deck and hasn't planted anything yet.  Thank goodness!


Speaking of the deck, here is the progress so far:

Marty was frustrated that he didn't get to work on it yesterday after work.  He had school in Birmingham and didn't get home until later than usual.  We also got a late rain shower that made everything just wet enough to make working a pain.  Maybe he will be able to work on it today.  One thing we have realized is this deck is going to be WAY bigger than we thought it was going to be!


Chelsea had her Spring and cap and gown pictures made yesterday.

We decided to put just a tiny bit of make-up on and leave her hair down for the special event.  She was so excited to wear make-up to school yesterday.  I can't wait to see the pictures!


They also had a "Senior meeting" yesterday.  The principal talked (and yelled) at all of them about their grades, and breaking the rules and stuff, and also talked about graduation.  Chelsea didn't remember much, except for all the people who got in trouble, but thankfully they gave everyone a hand-out.

Good grief people!  It's graduation!  So many RULES!  I'm also not loving the fact that they have moved graduation to inside the gym, instead of the football field, and each graduate only gets to invite 10 people.  At least we can invite as many people as we want to the graduation party!


And finally, I got this in the mail the other day:

I just about had a STROKE!  What in the world did I do?  I thought I was getting sued or something!

Then I opened it and found this:


It's just where I sent them a complaint about CVS/Caremark a few weeks ago.

We finally got Marty's meds, 68 days later from the initial shipment, and 23 days after we first notified them of the lost meds.  But since that time, we've been charged for the initial shipment, the replacement shipment, and all the meds we've paid for out of pocket.  I sent a request in, with my receipts, to get reimbursed for the meds we paid out of pocket for....and the request was denied!  So, we've paid for 7 months of medicine and have only received 4 months.  This is definitely not over, as far as I am concerned!


I hope you all have a wonderful week!  Try to stay WARM!

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