Friday, May 25, 2012

Class of 2012

Well, despite our attempts to keep Chelsea from growing up, she did it anyway...

Such a rebel, that girl, I tell you.
Chelsea is now an official graduate of Munford High School!
There are lots of emotions floating around here, but while we are in "party mode", I won't take the time to write it all down now.  I will, however, share TONS of graduation photos!

Getting ready to join the rest of the Class of 2012 for the last time.
 She was so excited!

In a holding pattern with the rest of the graduates.  Mama got kicked out at this point!

Chelsea walking in.  I know you can't see it at all,
 but she's just a little bit excited!

Walking across the stage to get her diploma.

Getting her diploma from Mr. Wilkinson, the principal.

Stopping for a photo op.

Walking out.  She's an official graduate now!
 After LOSING Chelsea for over 30 minutes, we finally got back together and had some pictures made with the few people who were left.

Dr. Ingram and Chelsea.  Dr. Ingram is Chelsea's teacher's husband,
who is also a history teacher at MHS.

Chelsea and her precious Mrs. Ingram.  We couldn't have made it through
 high school without her!

Chelsea and the most important person in the world to her, her Nana.

Chelsea and her Uncle Jerry.

Chelsea and her Aunt Diane.

This is Chelsea and Lucas.  He ran up to her after everything was over and gave her a
big hug. Lucas is a very special young man.
 He gave up his free time this year to help and play with the
 kids in Chelsea's room. 
How many young men do you know that would do that?
He is going into the Marines right after graduation.
 We are very thankful for his kindness and are VERY PROUD of him!

Chelsea and Lucas.

Chelsea and Aunt Candie.
 At this point, Chelsea was walking down the halls of the school for the very last time.

She lost it.

She cried, and cried, and cried. 

So, the rest of the pictures her face is either hidden, or covered with tears.

Chelsea loving on her little brother.  Jameson was so sweet to her.  He kept telling her "It's OK sister, It's OK.)

Chelsea hugging her cousin Laura.

Chelsea hugging her Nana.

Chelsea loving on her Daddy, with Aunt Diane and Uncle Jerry in the background.

Family photo!  I love the sunset in the background.

It looks like daddy is a little emotional too!

Our official graduate.

Chelsea getting out of that HOT gown.  My beautiful baby girl!

Chelsea and Mrs. Browning.

Chelsea and Megan (with Mrs. Ingram in the background) at Megan's graduation party.
 Don't they look GROWN?

The three amigos, Mrs. Ingram, Chelsea, and Mrs. Gallman.

I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  I hope to be back soon with Graduation party photos!
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