Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Curiosity almost killed the cat.....and her owners

Nothing like waking up to (another) loud crash at 6:00 am.  Like the last time, we went running through the house (heart about exploding in my chest), trying to make sure Jameson was OK.  He was sound asleep, obviously deaf because that extremely loud crash didn't even phase him.  So the hunt began to find out what was broken this time.  Unfortunately, it wasn't just a cheap lamp this time.

Yeah, that would be my slightly over one-year-old HP printer.  What I didn't get a picture of was my laptop, which was laying about 2 feet away from the printer.  I was so freaked out about the computer, I snatched it up to make sure it was still working.  Thankfully, it is, so far.  But the printer is toast.


She better be glad she's so stinkin' cute!

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