Thursday, May 31, 2012

She's turned into a rebel!

This girl...

You know, the daughter who just graduated high school, that's as sweet as pie and has never given us one second's worth of trouble?

Yeah, her.

Even though she's just the sweetest daughter ever, this girl does have a bit of a wild streak in her.  For years, every time she's gotten her hair cut, she's asked for a pink stripe in her hair.  Because of school rules, we've never let her have permanent color, but have tried to appease her with temporary spray-in colors. 

She was not impressed.

When we got her hair trimmed before graduation, she brought it up again. I started thinking, since she WAS graduating high school, there is no longer any reason not to do it.

So we did.

I found out what kind of hair dye my nephew used on his hair last week (that he sported at Chelsea's graduation party), and went on a hunt for it yesterday.

I thought I could get her to wait a few days to do it, but she was having none of that....she wanted her hair pink!

So, we pulled everything out and started giving my baby her pink hair!

First, you have to bleach the hair to make the color stand out more.

Once the bleach is rinsed and dried, it's time for color!

Here it is, once it's been rinsed and washed.  

Almost dry!  It's really, really pink!

YIKES!  Let's cover that up a little bit!

Ahhhh, much better!

It's a little more than I wanted, but she was thrilled!

This girl...

She's a rebel!

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