Monday, May 7, 2012

Mama's Mumblings

It's the start of another Spring week here in the deep South.  It feels a lot more like summer, though.  Especially since my FOUR year-old air conditioner unit has decided it won't get the house below 80 degrees.  I swear, I thing I'm going to MELT I've been so hot in the evenings and while trying to sleep.  Fingers crossed it is fixed TOMORROW and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg!


I had a great Friday meeting with the Alabama Bloggers at Dodiyos in Birmingham.  The food was good, but the company was even better!

Photo from Jamie Golden of Jamie's Rabbits.

Top Photo, from left to right: Michel, Matt, Katherine, Rachel and Chris.
Bottom Photo, from left to right: Me, Jameson, Amy, and Brandi.
Not pictured: Jamie (I think she strategically planned that!)
I'm telling you, Alabama has a wealth of hysterical and intelligent writers!  Of course, I'm not one of them, but aspire to be like them one day!


Our new cat, Sweets, is starting to get much more comfortable around us.  She is obsessed with Jameson and doesn't let him far from her sight.  Jameson is CRAZY about her!  He has to know where she is every second.  He hasn't complained or hesitated once when it comes to doing anything for her....even cleaning out her litter box!  Her first night here, she curled up right next to Jameson's feet and slept there all night long.  Every time we would come in to check on them, she would look up at us like "WHAT DO YOU WANT?"  It was so funny!  She has been a great fit for our family!

When she's not with Jameson, her new favorite spot is one of our dining room chairs.
Jameson has also been just calling her "Sweets" (her given name) instead of "Tabby Sweets".  He said that "Sweets" just felt right.


My great buddy, Dennis came down this weekend.  Normally, he comes down to watch the races with his dad, but sadly his dad passed away last week.  So, he was down trying to settle all of his dad's affairs.  We were very sad by the circumstances, but we were glad we got to spend a lot of time with him this weekend.

Dennis was able to squeeze in the Nationwide Race while he was here, so we were thankful for that.

  We just want Dennis to know that we are here for him and will be praying for him and his family!


We didn't make any progress on the deck this weekend because they couldn't deliver the deck boards until today.  So, we hope to get something accomplished this weekend.  Graduation is only a couple weeks away!!


Speaking of graduation, I got all Chelsea's invitations stuffed and all the labels ready to print.  I hope to get those mailed out by Wednesday!


It's all going by WAY to fast!


Oh, and my "Super Moon" photos all stink!

I try to follow all the rules, but just can't quite get it.  I will NEVER be a photographer! 

I tried to get the family all excited about the whole "Super moon" thing, but they were all like "Eh, it looks like a regular ol' moon to me."  LOL


Well, I'm seriously having problems thinking because I am so stinkin' HOT, so I guess I will leave it at this.  HAHA!

I hope you all have a wonderful week, filled with AIR CONDITIONING!
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