Saturday, May 5, 2012

It's been a weekend of dreams come true!

This has been a friend filled, exciting, and eventful weekend....and it's only Saturday!

Yesterday, I met up with several Alabama Bloggers in Birmingham (more on that in a later post), and then got to spend a lot of time with one of my good racing friends, Dennis (more on that in a later post, too).  I was thrilled to get to hang out with new friends and old friends alike!

But (for once) this post isn't about me.  Two people in this house had their long-time dreams come true!

My husband, bless his soul, has always tried to put his wants aside to provide for the family.  He's wanted a full-sized truck his entire life.  He's had a few trucks here and there, but has always sold them or traded them in when we needed money or needed to get a dependable vehicle for the whole family.  He traded his last small (and very worn) truck for the Pathfinder 6 1/2 years ago and has been driving our old Maxima which now has over 230,000 miles on it and needs a lot of mechanical work.

Any time he's needed to use a truck to haul materials, he's had to borrow my dad's truck.  He hates to use it, because, you know, it was my dad's, and he would die if something ever happened to it.  So, he's always keeping his eye open for a good (cheap) deal.  He's found a few over the years, but financially, we've never been able to afford it.  Thursday he texted me to say that he found another truck that was in good condition.  Best of all, mechanically it had been redone and was cheap.  I told him to do whatever he wanted, so Friday, he came home with his "new" toy!

It's definitely worn, has dents and scratches, but that's what he wanted.  He wants to be able to load manure for the garden in the back and not worry about a tiny scratch here and there.  He said it runs and drives great.  He also was able to sell the Maxima to the same person he bought the truck from.  So really, we got the truck for next-to-nothing!   He is so excited about it, that he woke up with a huge smile on his face this morning and said "I have a truck!".  Jameson is ecstatic, as well.  (There is nothing cool about riding around in an old, beat up Maxima....according to Jameson.  HaHa!)

Marty wasn't the only one to have a long-time dream come true.  Jameson did too!  Ever since Jameson has been able to talk, he's wanted a pet.  It really didn't matter to him what kind, as long as it was fluffy and able to snuggle with him.  We thought we had found the answer when he got Starr two years ago.  Unfortunately, she passed away suddenly, and it broke his heart.  We also realized that a hyper, energetic puppy was not the right fit for our family at this time.  Since then, Marty and Jameson have BEGGED for another pet, but I've always said "NO", knowing we weren't ready to take on that responsibility (and possible heartbreak) yet again.  

Today the guys went to PetSmart for their monthly pet adoption day.  On the first Saturday of the month, they bring animals from the pound to hopefully find good homes for them.  When they left home, they knew I was totally against another dog, but had been less "anti-cat".  But I didn't say I was "pro-cat", either!  Well, they took that teeny-tiny sliver of maybe and suckered me into adopting a cat.

Meet Tabby-Sweets.


She is a one year-old tabby that's been in the pound since she was born.  She's never been outside, so it's an indoor cat for us (something that I didn't think I would ever have).  Her given name was "Sweets", so Jameson wanted to keep it that, but added "Tabby" to her name, too.

Jameson was so happy, he cried.  I mean, seriously cried.  I thought he misunderstood me or something and thought he couldn't get the cat.  She was very skittish when she first got here, but over the past three hours, her little personality has started to shine!  Right now, she's running from Jameson's bedroom, through the living room, into the dining room. Back and forth, back and forth.  Jameson thinks she is the best thing ever!  When I called Chelsea to tell her about it, she squealed with delight!  Mama ran to the phone just to find out what all the commotion was about!  Tabby-Sweets will definitely be loved!

(I know Sweet's prior caretaker may be reading this, so I just wanted her to know that we promise to treat her as a member of this family and will do our very best to make sure she is well taken care of!)

Two of my favorite guys on the planet had their dreams come true this weekend, and it's only Saturday!  I wonder what the rest of the weekend will hold?

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