Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Well, we thought we were finished....

A couple of weeks ago, I shared about how much fun my Mama and I had working on my kitchen curtains.  She finished them up really quickly (once I got out of her way), but we just managed to get the curtain rods re-hung this weekend (yes, we have been slacking...shocker).

I was so excited to be almost finished with my kitchen.  It's only taken us 4 1/2 years!

Well, it looks like it may take just a little bit longer.

The shorter curtain turned out just right.  I still need to play around with the clip spacing and swags, but I'm loving the look so far!

I need to adjust everything so the molding isn't showing (like on the far right).  The photos don't do the colors justice!  The fabric goes so well with the rest of the kitchen!

I then rushed to hang the longer curtain.

Uhhhh, I think there is a problem!  For some reason, it is WAAAAAY too long.  Maybe it really was our (my) measuring skills that were off when we were cutting out the fabric!

See the difference?

Fortunately, Mama still has the sewing machine out and she is going to cut off a panel and re-sew them for me.

First the deck, and now the kitchen....we may get finished with this house yet!

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