Monday, June 25, 2012

Pinterest successes!

I know y'all are sick to death of me talking about Pinterest, but my life is REALLY boring right now and this is about all I have going on.  HAHA!  Jameson was sick, again, this week, so we've literally not left the house in 5 days.  This time a stomach bug mutated into the horrible coughing mess that I had a couple of weeks ago.  Fortunately, he's on the mend and hopefully our lives will go back to "normal".  So, during our confinement, I've spent a LOT of time online, including many, many hours on Pinterest.

The first thing I tried was this fabulous french toast recipe:

Full recipe, with photos, from HERE.

I followed the recipe exactly, except for I used a leftover loaf of french bread and added pecans to the topping.

Oh. My. Goodness.

This stuff was FANTASTIC!  I mean, it was melt-in-your-mouth-and-make-you-want-to-cry good!  The top was crunchy and flavorful, and the inside was soft, moist, and tasty.   Marty raved about it!

It is very rich, however.  So rich, that once scoop is more than enough.  So this one recipe would serve probably 12 people.  I didn't add the powdered sugar glaze to the top because it was already sweet enough.  I will definitely be making this again!  This would also be a wonderful addition to any holiday breakfast/brunch, or to make it when you have overnight guests.  

This was definitely a Pinterest WIN!

The second thing I made wasn't quite as easy as the french toast recipe.  Not because it was difficult to make, but because it took 2 trips to five different stores (by Marty) to find the correct ingredients!

Complete instructions with gorgeous photos from HERE.

I've always wanted to make bread.  But I have ZERO patience for baking.  I hate having to make exact measurements.  I mean, 1/8 teaspoon of something?  REALLY?  LOL  So, I was excited to find this bread recipe that only had 4 ingredients.  Flour, yeast, salt and water.  The problem was, the type of flour.  It calls for all purpose, unbleached flour.  We could find self-rising, unbleached flour, or regular, all purpose white flour, but not the all purpose, unbleached flour.  Marty finally found it in the 5th store he looked.  I quickly mixed up the bowl and set the mixture aside for the 12-18 hour wait.

The next morning, I preheated my oven and preheated my lidded pot (after I dropped the lid on the hardwood floor and made a HUGE place on it) and dumped the sticky yeast in.  After following the baking instructions, here is what I had:

Tah-dah!  It's BREAD!

It really looks like some of that fancy bread you get in a bakery!   I waited until it cooled and started to cut into it.  BOY, the outside was TOUGH!  But once I got through the tough outer shell, the inside really was moist.  The texture was a little "odd", but I think it's because I am used to regular pre-sliced white bread.  I will try this again, but will use a different type of yeast and try to add some different flavors. 

 Even though it wasn't quite what I expected, it worked exactly liked the author said it would, so I would say this was also a Pinterest WIN!

Finally, on weeks like this, when everyone isn't feeling up to par, I usually make this wonderful poppy seed chicken recipe:

Instructions from HERE

This recipe is extremely simple and basic and feels good on your tummy when you aren't feeling very well.  It reminds me of church dinners when I was younger.  It's the casserole you always end up getting a small scraping from the edge of the dish because everybody else has eaten it all.  This never stays in our house for long.  A HUGE casserole dish of this usually only makes it about 2 days in this house. 

This recipe has been floating around for years, but it's still a Pinterest WIN!

What things have you found on Pinterest that have been Pinterest WINS?

I hope you all have a fantastic week!!
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