Friday, June 22, 2012

Pinterest has a spy in my house!

After spending two days doing nothing but hanging around on Pinterest, I've decided they must have a spy living in my house. How in the world do they know all this stuff about me?  I mean, seriously, there is no way there are other people on this planet who are as weird and kookie as me, right?  I find myself just randomly laughing out loud at some of the things posted there, thinking "YES, that's exactly right!"

Some examples:

My weight:

Girl couldn't have ever tasted Nutella.

I mean, really??

My job:

This is why all the nurses sit at their own table during lunch!

My house cleaning skills:

Gotta keep those appearances up!

I'm sensing a "Hoarders" theme, here.

My tendency to be a home-body:

You may notice a no-bra theme going on here.

My sarcasm:

Anyone who texts me, knows this is true!

Some were so harsh, I decided not to post them here.  HAHA!

Just funny stuff in general:

This is our cat RIGHT NOW!

SERIOUSLY! I want a "block" feature to hide stuff!

And Chick-fil-A, too!

And finally:

These are just some of the funny things on my "Funny Stuff" Pinterest board.  If you want to see more, you can go HERE. (And all links for above pictures can be found there)

As you can see, Pinterest has a spy in my house.  How else could they know so much about me?


Oh, and on another funny note,  go HERE to read the most hysterically funny, and embarrassing story ever!

I have Katherine's permission to share this story!
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