Wednesday, September 26, 2012

One Christmas Present Down...

***NANA, if you are reading this, DON'T LET CHELSEA SEE!**

Today I managed to mark on HUGE Christmas present off my list!

Last night, after I should have been in bed, I just happened to catch this Tweet:

Once I clicked through the link, I found out this:

(Click the pictures to see them larger)

Scotty McCreery (you know, the singer that Chelsea just saw two weeks ago and is NUTS over????) is coming to BIRMINGHAM!  Not only is he coming to Birmingham, if you are a member of his fan club (she is), today we could pre-order tickets to his concert!  (It says the 25th, but they didn't go on sale until the 26th...typo)

I stalked Ticketmaster's website and sat hitting "refresh, refresh, refresh" all morning just waiting to be one of the first to get tickets!  I did manage to get the tickets (after freaking out over finding the password because it wasn't posted until this morning), but I am disappointed in where the seats actually are.  I guess radio stations and promotions got the "good" seats!  Anyway, Chelsea is going to FLIP when she finds out she gets to see "her man" again this year!

There is also another potentially awesome opportunity at this concert:

They are choosing FIFTY people from the pre-sale to attend a meet and greet before the concert!  Wouldn't it be fantastic if Chelsea could be one of those fifty?????  That would make her year!  Unfortunately, I don't have any control over that.  But this mama can hope, right?

Merry Christmas baby girl!!!
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