Monday, September 17, 2012

Scotty McCreery's Biggest Fan!

For Chelsea's graduation, we wanted to surprise her with a very special gift.  She is obsessed with last season's American Idol winner, Scotty McCreery, so we surprised her with tickets to one of his shows.  That was in May, and she has literally been counting down the days until the concert.  Fortunately, the concert date got here before she exploded!

She planned her outfit for weeks and this is what she came up with:

We didn't realize the hat could be shaped until she wore it like this all day.

I think she had on every single item that's in the Scotty McCreery fan club store!

She was all set, until she saw something that I made for her....

I told her she could still wear her original shirt, but once she saw this, she wanted to wear it!

The complete outfit!

She's ready to hit the road!

After the LOOOOONG drive, she's ready to be out of the car!

Jameson just wants to be back at home, playing on his computer.

Waiting in line!  One of the perks of getting there REALLY early...being right in the very front of the line!

We finally managed to get a little smile on Jameson's face...however, right as we were finally allowed in, he got sick and {almost} passed out.  He didn't eat much all day, so between that and the heat, it was just too much for him.  Once we got some food/drink into him, he was 100% better.  What is it with my kids and passing out?  Chelsea does the exact same thing.

See?  All better!

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

I think I'll just take a nap!

Jameson bored out of his mind.

The only shot of the two of them together.

Chelsea wasn't going to let the threatening looking rain clouds dampen her excitement!

After a LOOOOONG wait, the man, Scotty made his grand appearance!  Chelsea is beyond excited!

Here he is!  He was even better in person than on the radio!


Isn't that smile the absolute best?

Jameson still wasn't feeling it.

Oh wait!  Is that Jameson participating??

What?  I wasn't doing anything!

Marty enjoying the show.

See....I really was there!

The Band Perry.
 I was just floored by how humble and thankful the group was.  Their singing wasn't bad either!  LOL

And here is the headliner....Brad Paisley.

But Brad wasn't the one we went there to see. So after about 5 songs, we decided to beat the traffic and head out.  I'm sure his show was awesome, but this concert wasn't about us, it was all about our very special little girl and her love for Scotty.

These videos are worth it all!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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