Friday, November 23, 2012

A 48 hour dining room transformation.

No, this isn't a new remodeling or design post.  This is a dramatic transformation from craft room craziness, to Thanksgiving brunch central, to plain dining room, all in 48 hours.

This is what my dining room looked like Wednesday morning.  Embarrassing as this is, this photo was taken after we had already moved and organized all my frames, packing materials, and t-shirts/blanks.  Yeah, I'm a hot mess (literally) when it comes to crafting.

This is a few hours into the great clean/purge.

And this is what the dining room looked like around 9:30 am Thursday morning.  The table is just as covered, but with delicious food!

ALMOST the best picture ever....most of my loved ones (missing my sister and brother-in-law NO thanks to the flu!) all around the dining room table!

And finally, my dining room table this morning.


I'm going to try to enjoy it for this moment, because I know all too soon, it will look like this again:

I hope you all had the most wonderful Thanksgiving ever!

We are just relaxing at home today, but excited to read about all of everyone's Black Friday finds! Did any of you find anything good?
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