Monday, November 26, 2012

Slacker Mama Thanksgiving 2012

Hey friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful, calm Thanksgiving holiday!

After the insane rush to get the house company ready, things really went fantastic!

For several years, my family gets together for Thanksgiving brunch instead of lunch or supper.  It is wonderful because everyone usually has to go somewhere else for a traditional meal later in the day.  Since we have breakfast-related foods, nobody has to eat two turkey and dressing meals in a row.  I also love just spending time with my family, eating, talking, laughing, and looking through all the sales papers.  It's literally my favorite tradition of the year!

This year, we were sad that my sister (Diane) and brother-in-law (Jerry) weren't able to come because they had the FLU!  Also, my nephew Adam and his family (Jennifer, Lucas, and Patrick) were visiting Jennifer's family in Florida for the holidays. Things just weren't the same without them!

Well, enough rambling, on to pictures!  (I want to apologize to my FB friends, you've already seen them. Sorry)

My tiny bit of Thanksgiving decor in the foyer.

And a tiny bit more on the mantle.

A clean kitchen! (With my heat press showing on my kitchen table. LOL)

Dining room table FILLED with delicious food!
 Now tons of food pictures!  Feel free to skip this part.

Mrs. Evelyn's delicious cheese and cinnamon rolls!

Sausage cheese biscuits.

Apple dumplings

My niece, Laura, made these fabulous peanut butter/brownies.

My mom's breakfast casserole.

"Bacon and eggs"

Ham and cheese mini-sandwiches

Ham biscuits

Fabulous pumpkin spice cake my niece, Selena, made.

Ranch oyster crackers.


Strawberry muffins

Pumpkin pie!

"Christmas crack"....recipe from Kim Wheeler.

Everyone filling up their plates.

My handsome son.

Selena, Laura, Beau and Kacie looking at the sales papers.

My adorable niece, Selena.

Chelsea and my great-niece, Kacie.

My beautiful mama.

My niece's husband (my new nephew) Beau.

My nephew, Derek. He's smiling because he's watching all the Bama games on replay.


Sales papers everywhere.

Sweets first Thanksgiving with a family! She liked the baked beans.  LOL
After my family left, we headed to my mother-in-law's house.  I didn't get any pictures of the food because they had already started eating before we got there.  We did get a few pictures outside.  I'm saving the best for my Christmas cards!

Chelsea and my niece, Shelby.

My great-nephew, Reed, taking a wagon ride around the neighborhood.

Jameson in his hunting garb.

Jameson and Marty being uncooperative while trying to take family pictures.  HAHA!
While it wasn't a perfect day (missing my sister, brother-in-law, and my nephew and his family), it was a great, calm, and beautiful day!

A perfect way to start the Holiday Season!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!
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