Monday, April 15, 2013

Introducing my son....Hank Williams!

Hey friends! It's the start of yet another week! I hope your weekend was wonderful!

Like I said Friday, Jameson had a project in his Social Science class about famous Alabamians. Jameson chose Hank Williams, and for the past month he's done a lot of research. They did a "living museum" where each child recited their report as visitors walked by and listened. It was really cute and informative!

The students could either dress as their favorite character, or provide some other visual/audio form of presentation. Jameson chose to dress as Hank Williams. We stressed about being able to find a suit that met with Jameson's approval (he's a very picky kid), but I just happened to find a PERFECT cream-colored, polyester, 3-piece suit, in Jameson's size, at a consignment sale a few weeks ago.WHAT LUCK!  He was thrilled to death with the suit and could not wait to wear it. Friday, he finally got to put on his suit! I think he was a little excited:

Jameson presenting to his principal, Dr. Robinson.

Jameson presenting to some of his classmates.

He had his iPod in his pocket playing "Your Cheatin' Heart."

My little Hank!

Jameson's great friend, Victoria, dressed as Kathryn Tucker Windham. She was my favorite author when I was their age! She did a wonderful job (as did her mom, who pieced together, and sewed an identical skirt to Mrs. Windham's story-telling skirt!)

Jameson's friend-girl, Gracie, dressed as the great coach Paul "Bear" Bryant. I'm loving the pose!

We all had a great time and learned a lot, but are so glad it's finally over. I know more about Hank Williams than I ever wanted to!  LOL  I told Jameson that I guess I would put the suit back into the consignment sale next year, and he said "NO WAY! I'M WEARING MY SUIT!  I'm saving it for SPECIAL OCCASIONS!"  So, if you show up at a "special occasion" and see a kid wearing a cream-colored, polyester, 3-piece suit, you will know it's my son...Hank Williams.
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