Thursday, September 12, 2013

I never realized each year would be even better!

Today, this no-longer-little boy turns ELEVEN!!!

I don't even know how that's possible!  It just seems like yesterday he was this little-bitty boy running around all over the place.

When he was colicky, then going through the terrible ones, twos, threes, and fours, I seriously never thought I would make it by the time he made it to the "pre-teen" years. I thought for sure I would be balled-up in the corner, sucking my thumb.  However, it has been the complete opposite!

Every year has been better and better. He has grown and matured into this loving, sweet, tender-hearted, intelligent, thoughtful, and hysterically funny young man.  He is the light of my life (along with his equally awesome big sister) and I cannot wait to spend time with him every day.  The very few times he's spent the night with friends/family, I literally felt like 1/2 of my heart was missing.

Happy 11th Birthday my dear, sweet boy!  I cannot wait to see what this year holds for you!!!

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